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aquatic plant propagation questions

the 2 plants in particular may be a little big for an aquarium but first is the water hyacinth............if i break off one of those little nodules, will it grow new roots? I see that it does naturally but was curious if it would work if I broke it off before it divides on it's own? I do root cuttings will they make new plants? Next is the water poppy.....will it propagate from leaf cutting? how about the division stem cutting?

Main reason is the vendor I bought these from has a deeper tank than I do so if I can get them to start fresh I am fairly certain the roots will not grow as long.

with water hyacinth, if you broke off a nodule containing a piece of the base, you could end up with a new plant, however, that could take a while. what will probably work better is if you quartered the plant. if each raft has its own root system, it will enable the pieces to heal faster and you'd end up with 4 relatively large plants. this plant divides rather well and has the habit of becoming invasive in certain areas of the world. you also do not plant water hyacinths. they're floaters.

never grew water poppies, so i cant help you there.