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Anyone with miniature orchids to trade?

Today I found a few thumb pots and got to thinking about miniature orchids. I have very small windowsills, and thought it might be nice to try a few if possible. Don't know much about this - I am seeking something that hopefully is not in need of too much humidity. I saw one in passing on Ebay and got a nosebleed. Thoughts, ideas? Plants or maybe stuff for trade??
that's gonna be tricky because the majority of miniature orchids require ample amounts of humidity to grow and to flower. however there are a few succulent orchids that might do well for you. you should check out, Schroenorchis fragrans, Dendrobium rigidum, Dendrobium/Dockrilla cucumerinum for starters.
Mine aren't big enough to divide and trade. Of course, all of the orchids I like are slow growers.
Thanks, Amphirion, I will do some searching about. Perhaps one day, wireman. One of my friends in a local group here asked me, "How do you get all those wonderful plants?" Instead of going all Brittany Murphy and saying "I'll never tell..." I'll say I participate in a nationwide (international, really) group whose members like to share and get new things from time to time. Around these parts (and parts is parts) odd, unusual and interesting plants are few and far between, though the more common things are quite available. Trading really expands the horizons and stretches the budget dollar. Thanks to all those who participate.