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Anyone experience this?

Has anyone here ever experienced plants inside their greenhouse being dug up or the soil are all messed up? I had this problem since this summer. I open my greenhouse's vent in the summer and I came into my greenhouse the next day to find my plant soil got dug up and all over the place. At first I thought it was those blue jays, but now I have closed all the vents and door to my greenhouse. It would be impossible for those jays to break in. Now i am experienced it more frequent at night, I would come into my greenhouse to find that the soils of my plants being dug up and broken nepenthes tendrils. Please post here if you might have any experience or idea to solve this problem. My guess would be the garden frogs who lives in my greenhouse, but i am not certain.

Thanks a bunch.
Frogs won't do that, but rodents will. A few strategically placed mouse traps will reveal their presence, if they are indeed responsible.
Thanks Whimgrinder. I do have gophers problem under my greenhouse. Do you think those gophers would climb up to the bench?
Mice, Voles and such will do what you describe. Trap 'em!
I have been victim to this as well. A mouse SOMEHOW found its way into the highland grow chamber, bit off a developing Macrophylla leaf and destroyed the N. Spathulata X X Predator seedlings :(. The Macrophylla has recovered and I still have some X predator seeds in TC, but it was a very close call. Good thing I caught the little rascal. Trap them indeed and make sure you keep an eye on the tight crannies (they can fit through anything).
Toads could be guilty of digging holes but not destroying tendrils or plants. I'd agree with those above ... most likely some sort of rodent.

Using mouse traps is a fine idea..but thats only half the solution.
you also need to figure out how they are getting in, and block their access..
otherwise you will just the same problem forever, because there will always be new mice! ;)