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ants overload


Capensis Killer
so i put my ventricosa and sanguinea outside my house, so i can clean my room. once i was done, there was a line of ants all the way from the first floor coming up and into the 9 pitchers i have. i can't really put the plant back inside my house now because there are ants swarming around and i don't want to have ants in my room. i didn't really acclimate it, but it's doing good now. i put it outdoor under shade for now. the first leaf had a little sunburn, then the new one came out good and the pitcher's huge! the pitcher are so full of ants that once they drop in, they can walk on the dead drowned ants corpse. i don't know if this is good or bad, but they still keep coming. i've cut them off with raids around the plants, but the next day, they just come back. i've moved it to a different area and the ants followed! i don't know what i should do anymore, should i wait until winter when they should go away by then? or what should i do?
Well ants follow each other using these scent trails. I'd just hose down the the trail of ants so they lose the scent if you believe it's a nuisance, but if you can acclimate the plants outdoors I think they should be fine. Plus they'll get a really big happy meal!
The ants are a good thing don't use raid or anything let the plants eat. I've had my nepenthes pitcher half full of ants and the plant rewarded me with a larger leaf and a pitcher that was about an inch taller.
quick, hide this from Ant!

Ants are one of the most frequent "visitors" to my neps. Every now and then it get exceptionally carnaged and the ants literally fill the pitcher to the brim!
Try a moat, ants can't walk on water if it is deep enough. Or wait until it rains then take them in when it stops.
cool... maybe I should put one of my neps outside some time.
yeah, one of the pitcher has it up to almost the top now, definitely more than half. the new pitcher's like an inch longer and it hasnt even opened yet.