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Anpa b

I was just curious about ANPA B, there doesn't seem to be much info about it on the web. Just a few pictures and references to it existing on pinguicula.org, I don't see much mention of B on forums or any photos posted elsewhere. There's enough of A, C, and D but that's about all.

Is this a plant that is in cultivation? Was it at any point and now just sort of missing? Anyone have any additional info about this ping?
I'm curious about the mysterious missing "ANPA-B" plant as well.......
And the mystery only deepens.......
curious too... i ask myself the same question few days ago..
it seems some people have the B on collection 10 years before.. but now i dont see B nowhere..
i often looking on this site...
but the clone ANPA B is very difficult to find in collection... or with the other there's no matter... why ?