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Ahoy, rockhounds! Mystery rock ID.

Lil Stinkpot

Lucky Greenhorn
I found this in the back yard while digging. It looks really suspiciously like a fulgerite, or something volcanic (If so, how'd it get all the way over here?), and I'd like some additional opinions. I'm sorry that the pictures aren't that great. I'll try to get better ones over the weekend, when I can take advantage of the sun. It really looks like popcorn, and is really glossy on the outside, and crunchy and puffy on the inside. Notice the bits of different rock stuck inside. That's neat. The whole thing is very, very light, too.

It may look like tar or asphalt, but I am positive that it is not.






ETA: yeah, those pictures really suck. I'll get better ones later.

Just for fun, here is a different kind of fulgerite, hollow, that I got off eBay years ago. the seller actually saw the bolt come down and hit the sand it was made from. Pardon the funny color, it really is white, with little flecks of black. The outside is very rough, like something that got molded in sand, and the inside is very satiny.





Sorry, bad joke....a poop joke, cause of what it looks like...NVM!
I used to collect minerals when I was a teenager, but I saved only a couple of specimens into adulthood. I did acquire one sample a few years back; a piece of Trinitite, which is my all time favorite mineral sample:
That's neat! Wow. Makes my fulgerites kids toys. :p