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Adventures of an Alaskan Nepenthes Farmer

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N. glandulifera x burbidgeae
This is the cross of probably two of my favorite species.
Very nice pattern on the peristome and hairy and spotted leafs... Can't wait to see pictures of this one when it will be all grown up!
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D. anglica

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The photos posted twice (seems to be happening a lot recently)....

I would love to see wild anglica, amazing species it is. There's a population in my state, but not likely I'll be finding it....
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That looks amazing! I hope the couple I got from CC do as well for me as yours do for you. Do you happen to have origin info on your plants?

And what do you mean you won't be finding a wild population up where you are? It's not like you guys are lacking roads or have vast expanses of wilderness. :)
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Nice looking plants ya have there. :)

Love the pot your N. lingulata is in!
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Uh, Natch, I have to ask: who are you talking to? I'm fairly certain the pics Dexenthes posted are wild populations of anglica, not a cultivated bog...
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D. regia

D. capensis

H. heterodoxa x ionasii (my first flower!)

D. anglica

N. barcelonae

D. murfetii

N. boschiana x campanulata



N. jacquelineae x truncata

N. rajah x jacquelineae

N. glandulifera

D. anglica

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Cool second unknown. Know idea what it is though.
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Currently the only Reptilian in my possession - S. 'Reptilian Rose'

Scenes from the bog

So in love with N. glabrata x aristolochioides

N. glandulifera

D. anglica

Still no idea on what the heritage of this plant is. I am leaning towards something with glandulifera in it due to the hairy and gland-covered nature of the plant. It's really hard for me to say though.

Words cannot describe how happy I am to finally be in custody of a seed grown Nepenthes argentii

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That plant is ludicrously tiny.
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D. murfetii

D. regia

U. longifolia and friends

Interesting D. muscipula seedling that refuses to get much larger


N. maxima x jacquelineae

H. ionasii x heterodoxa - my very first time blooming a Heliamphora!

D. muscipula 'Korean Melody Shark'

And for those haters that think that deformed VFT varieties should go into the compost heap because they can't trap insects - get wrekt kid

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Looks like a lot of praelonga in with the alpina

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Nice plants! I can't say I'd consider a Korean Melody Shark to be a deformed variety though.
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Only just stumbled on this thread. One word...wow! Gorgeous photos Dex... making me get interested in Heliamphora. Will have to wait till I've set up my lights etc though.

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Your Darlingtonia looks good. 'Gotta try that one sometime. I have a whole pot of Dionea 'seedlings', they are now a year old, that refuse to put on any size. I am mystified. I also have a larger pot of much younger seedlings that are bigger and continue to grow. :scratch:
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I know tiny Dionaea clones are not all that uncommon to produce, I'm thinking maybe this one is one of those. It would be surprising if it was a whole pot of seedlings though.
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Could you please post an update of your singalana x hamata / singalana x hamata red hairy?
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Hey Icarus,

I repotted that plant for the first time years a few months back and it is still in the recovery phase, sadly it has no pitchers and is barely growing at the moment.