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adnedarn's photo thread


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
Under increasing pressure I will start a photo thread. Please note that I am no good at taking pictures, and rarely clean up my plants so expect that... Not sure why people would want to see my less than par plants, but here they are nonetheless.

We'll start with my poor Helis which were given to me by Zu, she thought they would do better for me... not she knows better!

H. heterodoxa

H. heterodoxa x minor

H. tequila

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First! Nice helis.

Post some pics of your neps! :)
Those look nice Andrew. Love the nectar spoon on the tequila.
The natural look...i like it.
They look healthy and great to me!! High humidity is for the weak... :p
those look nice, I like H. tequila specially. How often do you water them(the LFSM appears dry, any benefits you have found from keeping the media that dry)?

Thanks! :)
Pineapple- so demanding, geeze!

Thanks guys. Zu, I've pipped the 1000psi fogger over to the little g/h to help, but still... when sitting right in front of the cooler, they're kinda at mercy of whatever the outside is plus what the cooler adds.

jht-union, the top pretty much always looks dry but I assure you it is moist within. I tried watering daily to make some live grow on top and it didn't work. So now I water a lot less often. It seems I can easily go a week and dig down and still find plenty of moisture, but I try to run water through it every 2-3 days. :)
and so it begins.... :)
N. ampullaria cantley's red 8" pot

N. ampullaria tricolor also 8" pot

N. effulgent koto

N. bicalcarata-red x merrilliana

N. max x thor?? If this plant came from you please confirm the name. =)

N. maxima seed grown from DavyJones

N. maxima x truncata female

N. mirabilis x ampullaria straits a

N. thorellii x aristro

N. ventricosa x aristro

N. x cincta

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N. x cincta looks nice!
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Love your neps!
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The color on that x cincta is amazing! I love the dark colors, you don't see that often in this hybrid.
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If you don't mind me asking where'd you get the tricolor amp? I thought myself and like two other people all got them from Nepguy and those were the only ones, guess I was wrong ;P
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Thanks all! I love x cincta, I love how the leaves come out directly across each other, allows it to lay directly against the greenhouse and just look cool as it climbs. :)

mcmcnair- group order from EP back in 08 or so.
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:drool: @ ampullaria!!
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Wow! cincta is a real showstopper! Great plants Andrew and thanks for taking time and sharing!
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Does the peristome turn bronzey like the one I posted for POTM? No matter what its definitely a very nice amp,! I too really like the N. xcincta.
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Looked up more details, it is ampularia tricolor o, which means tricolor with green peristome.
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Your neps are fantastic and good looking!!! I particularly like the ampullarias varieties.

Nice growing!