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A tale of two plants

So, I got a bare-root ventricosa as an impulse buy several weeks ago. It showed up looking pretty sickly, so I rinsed the roots with RO, rinsed the leaves with an alcohol solution and potted it up in pure, clean, LFS. I'm awaiting an improvement, but I figured I'd run it by you guys for a proper diagnosis. I thought prolonged root rot, or maybe a fungus. Anyway, here's the guy before i swapped the potting media:


In exchange for your services, here's a picture of one of my plants that's been putting out some stylish little pitchers. N. Ventricosa x (sanguinea x ramispina)

Yikes! It looks to me like the plant has been kept in the wrong conditions (hint the small leaf size). I'd keep it in it's proper intermediate-highland conditions for now. It should recover in time ;).