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A nice little watermelon plant...

Recently got into watermelon plants and have had some good luck with growing the plants. Just wanted to show my little plant that I was moving from a smaller pot into a bigger pot and am amazed at what a bad case of root bind I had.... The plant is at a little bit of a late start but TX has quite a long grow season....


Impressive, that's a good looking plant. Keep us updated as it grows up and begins to flower!
Already has started flowering. But will take a few pics and keep it updated...
The plant is at a little bit of a late start but TX has quite a long grow season....

*starting* plants in October?! wow..its a different world down in Texas! ;)
around here, October is the absolute END of the growing season..
the "killing frost" almost always happens in October, which overnight kills pretty much all garden vegetable plants,
ending the growing season quite definitively..No vegetables grow until the following May, seven months later..

Just thought it was interesting to hear about someone planting vegetables in October!
very cool..

one of my favorite plants; i actually love all of that family.

unfortunately it needs a huge space and will get rootbound quickly. makes me wish i had a garden every time i see it...
Hahaha yeah in Vermont I tried watermelon one year as an experiment. Even with starting the week of spring break like with the tomato and pepper plants, you definitely don't have enough time to get a watermelon to ripen :lol:. Heck I usually didn't even get the peppers to produce fruit :-))
Well sometimes you get fruit all the way until december down here but the only disadvantage is that the heat is a great place for the aphid pop. with little frost in the winter to kill them. Just started a raised bed that is 5ft by 11ft and is just for veggies all planted within these last three weeks...