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A New Cephalotus, and a first CP in 5 years!

I used to have Nepenthes and Drosera before i moved, and they were very prolific. So i decided to get back in the hobby now with a beautiful specimen of cephalotus follicularis.

I got him today, great speciment from drosera gemmae. I repotted it straight away into a bigger pot, taking care not to disturb the roots.

In fact, i cut open the plastic pot, took the whole dirt block and added more soil (perlite+peat moss+lfs).

I think it came out great, and i exposed zero roots.

Now i had some questions. I had some cephalotus pitchers buried in the soil when it came in the mail. Is that fine? Attached are some pictures.

Also, how much of the crown should be above the soil? I think the flower stem was cut off for shipping, as i see a thick stem stump, and a few more stalks, but idk.

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Thoose look great I hope they do well for you.
That's a very nice plant. And if you got it from that website it a good size for the price! Looks like you got the last one.

Welcome back and nice choice!