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A look behind the scenes at the Nepenthes House Kew Gardens London- video

Here is a short film I shot at this years CPS/Kew open day. It shows the Nepenthes section of the Tropical Nursery at Kew. This is the area that is not open to the public apart from certain days each year.


Drool.... very nice, nice job on the vid too Bill
*is entranced*

Nice! You usually don't get to see bical uppers.
really cool stuff bill thanks for sharing,i stupid visited kew earlier in the year not knowing most of what i wanted to see was behind closed doors,maybe i should join the cps and get the heads up on open days,i take it you have more vid:drool:
What was the nep at 2:25? Was it a klossii?
What was the nep at 2:25? Was it a klossii?

Yes, klossii and aristo are the only two that look like that and the one shown is too long to be an aristo... At least I think...
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Thanks for all your kind words- glad you liked it. :)
Not sure about that Nep but would be very surprised if it was a klossii. More likely a BE hybrid I think.


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When I studied at Kew it was policy only to grow species and naturally occurring hybrids. I left ten years ago though pretty sure this is still the case ???
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Very cool video! Thanks for sharing.
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Very awesome video.. I spied Helis!
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Looks like maxima aristo to me or spect aristo upper