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A few pictures of my Cephs

Hello everybody, just wanted to share these pictures ;)




Seedlings, 2 years old

Hope you like it
I was trying to pick a favorite picture and couldn't. All of them look great. Well grown plants.
Looks like then enjoy lots of natural sunlight.
Well grown,you got nice colour too:bigthumpup:
do you grow in the sun? do you offer ant extra lighting via fluorescent bulbs. can yo share your growing conditions and watering routine
oh i forgot wowee nice ceph did you start the seedlings
Glad you found the forum my friend! Very nice ceph's too!
Thanks for your comments!

Jimmy, They never receive direct sunlight, nor extra lighting from bulbs nor anything else, they only get indirect sunlight, they get too dark even with poor light, all is matter of temperature, cold temperatures make them darker. I grow these Cephs at 70°F at day and 50°F or even less at night. Humidity must be as high as possible (80~90%). That's how I got them. But I also think this clone is easier to get dark than others.
Wow beautiful plants you've got there. I love the first pic with that huge red pitcher :-O. Nice growing!
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Stunning! Hope my lil cephalotus seedling will look that in 2-3years! Good job