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I was potting new stuff and took a few pics that I thought turned out pretty nice.

This one caught my eye. Gives me an impression of being mobbed by these guys...

N. ampullaria x ventricosa

N. aristolochioides x spectabilis lower pitcher

Monster N. burbidgeae plant and pitcher

That's some intense color on the N. ampullaria x ventricosa.
Oooh, pretty. Love 'em all.
Great images, Tony. Really like the N. amullaria x ventricosa "crowd". Good work...
How old is the burbidgeae? Right now mine is like 4in. in diameter :(
That aristolochioides x spectabilis is very impressive!
can you tell me your potting mix?
I have to repot mine soon, and i don't know what to put it in,
coir fiber? LFS (what its in now)
bark mix?
I use a mix of coconut husk chips/LFS/perlite in roughly a 1:1:1 ratio. For larger pots I may use more of a medium grade chip or larger size perlite. I sometimes also vary the amounts of each a little if I am looking for something with more moss or more perlite for increased drainage etc.

I find N. burbidgeae does not have a huge root system and hence does not need a very large pot. It also likes a better draining mix and doesn't like to be kept overly wet for prolonged periods.

If your plant is happy in the LFS then stick with it. I know alot of people that use LFS as their main potting mix and they do very well with it. For my setup with the automatic sprinklers and the wide range of pot sizes it doesn't work for me. It stays too wet.
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blah.. looks like my web host is fubbar atm
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Fantastic Tony. Amazing plants. :D
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Ahh man. That's one of the best Burbidgeaes I've seen around. Makes me love the plant even more.
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nooo i cant see them! i imagine they are all very impressive Tony! :)
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Sorry, my server has been having hicups.. if they are not loading just wait a bit and try later.
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They look awesome! Love the amp x vent.

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Can I ask what those red-leaved Nepenthes are? The ones next to the large N. burbidgeae... I hope you don't mind me resurrecting an old thread.
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nice, so what are all those red neps next to it? (if they are all the same plant, lol)
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Hmm oh that is N. spectabilis North Sumatra clone 1.