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2014 NASC Teaser thread

From me, expect some Heliamphora LOL

Ummm probably several of the new hybrids I have developed.... small, but each is seed grown and the first of their kind, anywhere
Each has the potential to be the next great cultivar...

support NASC, get a great deal on some plants, and have fun doing it
one of your helis are at the top of my want list!
Haven't decided what I'm throwing down yet. Probably some Nepenthes seedlings, Utricularia and maybe some Pinguicula. I'm hoping to see some rarer Pinguicula species, Heliamphora species along with some South American and tuberous Drosera show up in the auction. Some Genlisea would be nice to see as well.
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I might put in a Nepenthes gracilima, but I'm not sure. I can't wait to see the Heliamphora that come up in this sale!
I might put in a Nepenthes gracilima, but I'm not sure. I can't wait to see the Heliamphora that come up in this sale!

Be sure to make that a tentative label. There are only a couple of true gracillima in cultivation, while the others are probably alba.
I'm unfortunately not in a position to offer CP's this year but I may have some orchids I could put up. I'm hoping beyond all hope for some N. ampullaria though... Nothing fancy just some green speckled or tricolor.
Maybe a few petiolaris group drosera. Pinguicula primulaflora 'rose'. Cuttings of nepenthes of known gender..... odds and ends utriculara, sarracenia. ???
I'm still deciding but I do have a nice little pot of Drosera latifolia that I will put up for bid. They are a very red and pretty woolly variety.
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Well it is official http://www.nasarracenia.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/2014-winter-newsletter.pdf

The 2014 NASC Benefit Auction

The NASC is pleased to announce that the 2014 benefit auction will be held this year from Saturday, March 29 to Saturday, April 12 on TerraForums.com. We have selected earlier auction dates again this year to make it easier to ship your winnings – dormant Sarracenia or sensitive highland species.
The official auction rules will be posted at TerraForums and anyone can participate by donating or bidding on an item. But principally we want everyone to have fun! For those that have not participated in this event before, it is often one of the best places to find great plants grown by experienced and knowledgeable horticulturalists, many of whom are expert in their particular genus of interest. Generous donors create new threads on the forum for each item they donate – seed, plants, art, supplies, etc. – and then other users bid on that item. Occasionally bidding wars occur on the more desirable plants. The final total paid by the bidder goes directly to the NASC, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and the bidder receives the item, usually reimbursing the donor for shipping costs unless noted otherwise.
Every year we thank the generosity of our donors for supporting this event as our main source of fundraising to keep our organization running. Half of the funds collected go directly to the identified beneficiary. Past recipients have included Boiling Spring Lakes, North Carolina for land acquisition; Myrtle Head Savanna, North Carolina for a controlled burn; and Splinter Hill bog in Alabama for land acquisition. Last year we were happy to support a controlled burn in Old Dock Savanna in North Carolina and replacement equipment at Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park in Florida.
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I'll add one Drosera regia, a D. falconeri and a D. lanata - which is very similar to the one pictured on my sales thread. All will be up for bid.
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I could donate some ant plants and mini orchids if anyone would be interested in those.
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I've got a bunch of common Neps just taking up precious space...
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If a Lilium catesbaei comes up, be ready to pay handsomely for it. I know I am.
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I could donate some ant plants and mini orchids if anyone would be interested in those.

Did I hear mini-orchids, if species I would be very tempted. This is the first year I don't have any phrags ready to donate
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Maybe next year I will have some ready to submit- this year has been too rough on things and I don't have enough carnivores anyway. I was considering putting in my Regia but it kinda had an unfortunate incident that means it is a bit singed and ugly atm... so think I have to hang on to that one for at least another year. I do have a Paphiopedlum orchid I could get rid of... It does nothing but sit there, won't flower or anything for me cause I fail with orchids. :( I doubt anyone would pay what I did for it though... and I do like it as if/when it does flower they look amazing.

I had to take some time off of work due to personal problems so I'll be struggling to even participate this year. I'm really looking for non-carnivores more than anything since my CP areas are all fully maxed out.