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10 gallon fish tank

Hello newbie here so if I should be posted this some where else would you please let me know? My grandson gave me a 10 gallon fish tank and sure would like some information how to set it up and want to know what kind of carnivorous plants and how many to plant hope some one can help me out here? thank you
Welcome swampthing! To answer your question, there are a variety of carnivorous plants (CPs) that can fit into a 10 gallon tank. A majority of drosera (sundews), pinguicula (butterworts), utricularia (bladderworts), Venus fly traps, and a few prostrate sarracenia and cephalotus can fit in a 10 gallon tank. I like utilizing a false bottom to allow humidity to remain high. There are a few threads that have different tank styles so you can choose a style that best fits you. Peter D'Amato's book, The Savage Garden gives excellent terrarium choices as well.
Thank you so much will have to get that book? Check at library this week?
swamp thing - I completely agree with Amp. Good advice. I might add that I had my entire collection of plants inside a 10-gallon terrarium for quite awhile. There are many options, especially if your interest is sundews as mine is.