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I have several hundred excess Sarracenia seedlings left over from my 2013 crosses that I am interested in giving away.

I will choose an assortment of crosses and send a selection of at least 3 or 4 hybrids (probably more). Parents will include "Alatamin" (alata X minor), 'Judith Hindle', S. flava rubricorpora, S. oreophila X flava, S. leucophylla X (oreophila X minor), S. 'Extreme Green', and others.

How do you qualify for this giveaway?
1) you must not have received any other giveaway item(s) on this forum in the past month. (I changed the condition to do the wrong thing yesterday! Sorry)
2) you must offer something from your own collection to the forum as a giveaway (in lieu of sending me something; a "pay it forward" approach to trading). The item you offer must be available in the immediate future, not six months from now (for example) and you can request that the recipient pay for the mailing cost, but not the item itself.

Please list the item(s) you are willing to offer the membership, and I will choose from the list no later than Saturday March 29. Go!
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Am I to conclude there is ZERO interest in this offer? The post has been viewed many times, but not one post to express interest.
I would, but I have received items recently, and I have no room for more Sarracenia just yet... :) good luck, however!
Alright, I will give away a large starter clump of U. gibba. I will pay shipping. Ready for immediate shipment.
I love pay-it-forward offers. I am Sarr seedling maxed out but think this is a cool gesture.

Mad props!
I have a Tillandsia cyanea. Large pup, divided last summer should bloom next spring. I'll throw in a small pup of a nice pink Cryptanthus, I believe it's 'Pink Starlite' but no guarantee on the id. We're having another cold snap, but weather permitting it's ready to go.
Interesting. I don't have much but here is what I could offer:
750 OP sar seeds
Pollen of various interesting Sarracenia (Flava red form, Royal Ruby, Oreophila veined Minor giant etc.)
Some cool tillandsias (names on request)
Let me know if you are interested.
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Sadly even at three months out I don't qualify .. great offer though
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I would love to participate but I only have a few small flytraps, maybe 10+ Carolina Reaper hot pepper seeds and some other assorted hot pepper seeds.
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Wow, I am loving how that picture looks like an alien planet! That long row of Sarr seedlings is fascinating. How did you grow it? One long tray of soil?

I also love the pay-it-forward deal. Can't participate myself at this time, but looking forward to the future when my plants are more established and ready for me to share clumps, off-shoots, seeds etc. :D
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Wow, I am loving how that picture looks like an alien planet! That long row of Sarr seedlings is fascinating. How did you grow it? One long tray of soil?

Last year I planted my Sarracenia hybrids in standard nursery flats and laid out each cross in a row. It wasn't an ideal method for some of the crosses that germinated at near 100%, as you can see in the photo (overcrowding). This year, I broadcast each hybrid in its own pot.
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Yeah that makes sense why it would be a bad option to do it that way.

But sure looks like Spaceman Spiff has come across another hostile planet and needs to not fly too close to the indigenous species that might just reach out and swallow his spaceship whole! I really love it :D

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I've got some sensitive plant seeds I'd be happy to give away in exchange.