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  1. T

    Australian Utricularia Wanted

    I thought you all might be interested in seeing a list of what is possible to see down under. Does anyone know if any of the species on the first list are in cultivation, and if so which ones and how do I get you to send me some of them >;-I)> Species on the second part of the list I have seen...
  2. kayaker78

    My growlist

    I know that there is another thread going on growlists but I thought It would be nice to get one going on just Utrics! Hope no one minds Utricularia- Available for trade? arenaria Limited asplundii No bifida No bisquamata...
  3. D

    Utric pics

    Some pics of utrics. Just for kicks. U. multifida The white cultivar of U. calycifida (can't remember the official name) U. odorata U. nephrophylla The white clone of U. blanchetii that looks similar to U. parthenopipes.
  4. D

    True to its name

    My U. odorata has flowered, and true to its name, it smells. Not the most pleasant smell in the world, but unmistakable. It is a very sweet smell, but there is something a bit repellant about it that I can't quite put my finger on.
  5. D

    New plants.

    Like Pyro, I feel the need to share the news of my new acquisitions, and no one around here really cares (and by "around here", I mean within a hundred mile radius). Today I got U. odorata, nelumbifolia, fulva, simulans, resupinata and pentadactyla (I've been assured its the real thing, but I...