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  1. bluemax

    *PAID* Drosera petiolaris (Houstonherp $25)

    For bid is one rooted division from the cluster in the photo. This division is healthy, rooted and growing independently as it was divided some time ago. This is said to be one of the easier species to grow of the Petiolaris sundew group but it still appreciates higher temperatures and humidity...
  2. DroseraLover

    Pinguicula Soil Mix for Houseplant Settings?

    I grow my Mexican pinguicula as houseplants. Usually, they do really well and thrive under my conditions. However, this year I have had a few losses to browning heart disease. My soil mix is peat/silica sand/dolomitic lime added. The ratio of peat/sand is ~40/60 with 1/2 tbsp of dolomitic lime...
  3. Not a Number

    *PAID* Sarracenia 'Hummer's Okee Classic' (DJ57 $20)

    Sarracenia 'Hummer's Okee Classic' - one of John Hummer's hybrids S. alabamensis × S. minor 'Okee Giant' I divided this plant last year and the divisions are just beginning to grow this season. Small/medium divison International Carnivorous Plant Society Winner pays shipping USPS Priority...
  4. DragonsEye

    *PAID* Jewel orchid.Haemaria discolor (Acro $5)

    Up for auction is a cutting of the jewel orchid Haemaria (aka Ludisia) discolor -- considered by many to be one of the easiest jewel orchids to grow. The following is the plant being offered: And this is a photo of the mother plant: Bidding is open to residents of the US excluding...
  5. R

    *PAID* Cephalotus Location Emu Point - Miracle grow medium (QuakingBog $65)

    1) Opening Bid of $2. 2) Cephalotus Location Emu Point growing under LED lighting in the cheapest Miracle grow potting soil I could find. It was an attempt to verify other peoples successes using this medium. I would highly recommend repotting it into a more traditional Ceph mix a few months...
  6. F

    *PAID* 4 super tiny B52 Venus Flytrap clones (patrickntd $18)

    4 Very small B52 Venus flytrap clones. There are some good bulbs there! May be some extra bulbs without any leaves at the moment too. I believe these will ship really well they are in a crushed water bottle now, I would put that crushed water bottle inside another strong container without...
  7. Gigantea

    *PAID* 3 Small Partridge Breast Aloe Offsets (Swagalotus $10)

    Also known as "Aloe Variegata" and "Tiger Aloe" this is a hard one to find for cultivation. Will grow well in shaded/partly sunny conditions in a well-draining/rocky soil. Slow grower, but tends to offset a fair bit at maturity. You will receive the 3 small rooted offsets pictured below, sent...
  8. Gigantea

    *PAID* Truely Organic Edible Texas Chives! (AnIsleAteHer $3)

    Nature-grown green chive onions fresh from the Gulf coast of Texas! These have been growing on my property for generations, presumably started back when this entire area was just one big grass farm for hundreds of acres. I discovered these about 3 years ago and have utilized them for all manners...
  9. carolatcj

    *PAID* Miniature purple Iris, grow only 6-8 inches tall. 5 bulbs (aerogrower $14)

    Miniature purple Iris, grow only 6-8 inches tall. 5 bulbs. Perfect for the front of a sunny border Picture was taken today in my garden Plants will be freshly dug and shipped bareroot on day of shipment. Bids start at $3.00. Donor will pay shipping. Contact information will be given at end of...
  10. plantsnfish

    *PAID* Teddy bear vine-super soft! (carolatcj $3)

    A very vigorous grower. Can be easily propagated by cutting a piece off and sticking it in soil. Currently growing in sphagnum but is not at all picky and will grow in most anything. Good houseplant. You will get the one pictured. Shipping is $3 first class, $7 priority, or $24 international...
  11. anramitaco

    *PAID* Disterigma rimbachii (goods $15)

    Up for auction is a small Disterigma rimbachii, from a cutting. This is a neotropical blueberry that grows well with Nepenthes and seems to be pretty warmth-tolerant. It makes small pink flowers, though I haven't figured out how to get it to bloom. Otherwise, easy to grow. Grow in a light...
  12. anramitaco

    *PAID* Lecanopteris mirabilis (ghse1guy $50)

    Up for auction is a nicely rooted division of the "ant fern" Lecanopteris mirabilis, a great companion plant for Nepenthes and a pretty tough plant (seriously, I grow mine as a houseplant). Bidding starts at $10.00. USA only. I cannot provide phytosanitary certificates. Shipping is on me. If you...
  13. Gigantea

    Wild Patch of Iris Japonica Discovered

    My whole area tends to be a sort of honey hole where exotic plants grow wildly all over the place. It used to be a massive grass farm eons ago. Several years ago I became aware of a large patch of Giant Japanese Iris (japonica) that was growing in a ditch around the corner from me. I only notice...
  14. Swagalotus

    Opinions on Aquarium Chiller

    I am thinking of buying an aquarium chiller to create a highland grow area. My plan is to have a 20 gall terrarium with the aquarium chiller cooling the water at the bottom of the tank, and a few fans to blow the cold air around. Any thoughts/ opinions?
  15. Not a Number

    *PAID* n Drosera slackii (NancyM $20)

    Drosera slackii - Robert Gibson called the plant "A Living Jewell from South Africa" This South African rosetted sundew is distinctive for it's guitar shaped leaves with co**** red hairs on the the undersides. While this plant is rather easy to grow it is difficult to find the conditions in...
  16. bluemax

    *PAID* Drosera murfetii (QuakingBog $80)

    The actual plants for bid. For me the adult plant looks like this. This species is closely-related to Drosera arcturi and is from New Zealand. It is said to be easier to grow than it's better-known cousin and to get larger when mature. For more, and better, photos of this species look...
  17. curtisconners

    Cold frame grow tent?

    Hey, terraforums. I have some vft's and I want to build a cold frame for them. Would it be possible to use a grow tent as one or would it not insulate them properly. I managed a windowsill dormancy last winter, but I plan to expand my collection this season and I have no more room on my...
  18. curtisconners

    Coquillage: all that it's cracked up to be?

    I have some extra money on hand and I thought of possibly getting a coquillage venus fly trap, but I have a few questions. First, how is coquillage pronounced? Second, do they grow those unique traps consistently? Thanks.
  19. apoplast

    ventricosa x ampullaria sexes

    Hi TF - There are a couple nice and easy to grow ventricosa x ampullaria ("x vetrillaria", can that be a thing?), 'Lady Luck' and 'Bloody Mary'. Are these two different clones? And if so, does anyone one know what the sexes are for each of them? Sure, I could assume from the names that they...
  20. cwatson1414

    Stapelia cuttings not growing

    Hey TF. In November or December I picked up some Stapelia leendertziae rooted starts. They grow under 4 2' T5HO lights. Temps are moderately warm. My other stapeliads are growing. They have rooted into the media, and they have been accepting water for several months. They have not, however, put...