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*PAID* n Drosera slackii (NancyM $20)

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Drosera slackii - Robert Gibson called the plant "A Living Jewell from South Africa"


This South African rosetted sundew is distinctive for it's guitar shaped leaves with co**** red hairs on the the undersides. While this plant is rather easy to grow it is difficult to find the conditions in which it will produce consistent levels of "dew". In the 7-8 years I have been growing it I have never gotten them to produce flowers.

CPN Samples

Mature size plant will be shipped bare root. Winner pays $6.50 for US Priority shipping. Shipping can be combined with other items. US only. I cannot supply phytosanitary or nursery certificates.

Bidding begins at $2.00
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NancyM has paid for this item. If you have received shipping fees, please ship at your earliest convenience. Thank you for participating.
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Shipping today. Tracking # supplied to winner.
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Please let us know when item has been received.
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Got it just now! Thank you so much!
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Auction Closed.
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