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  1. swords

    Swords' growlist

    2011 GROWLIST NEPENTHES SEEDLINGS (germinated in 2011) N. inermis N. beccarriana N. neoguineensis N. rafflesiana var. alata N. pectinata N. maxima miniature, Lake Poso form LOWLAND PLANTS N. alata (t) form N. albomarginata red seed grown (2) N. bellii x northiana N. bellii x thorelii x...
  2. RL7836

    New Nep books

    This info came across the VCPS listserver & even though it comes across as blatant spam, anyone who has seen some of his other books & enjoys Nepenthes will cough up the bucks ... The email also had 21 beautiful color pics of Neps - however, I don't know how to share those pics w/o hosting each...
  3. A

    adrian's grow list

    GROW list N. rafflesiana N. ventricosa N. sanguinea N. spathulata x vetchii ('Judith Finn') N. ampullaria 'red speckled' N. spectabilis x aristolochioides N. copelandii 'Mt. Apo' D. binata D. capensis typical D. aliciae S. leucophylla 'Titan' S. minor S. purpurea ssp. venosa S. Alata 'Maroon...
  4. Nepfreak

    A visit to the local botanic gardens - neps and the like. LOTS of pics!

    Pics from the Smith College Botanical Gardens. N. sumatrana N. maxima N. gracillima N. 'Judith Finn' ---------------------------------Other CPs----------------------------------------------------------- C. follicularis S. leucophylla ---------------------------------Non...
  5. M

    My grow/trade list (2008)

    Hi! everybody:banana2: This is my grow list. Dionaea muscipula Dionaea muscipula ´ RED DRAGON` Dionaea muscipula ´ RED SHARK `= ´Red Piranha` Dionaea muscipula ´ GREEN SHARK`=´Sawtooth `...
  6. P

    Looking for a lot of neps

    Well the time has come again where I make a huge list of stuff that I'm looking for. I realize that its probably going to be impossible to get my hands on some of these, but hey-ooooooo: LL/intermediate: adnata gracillima longifolia hirsuta/hispida mapuluensis masoalensis mindanaoensis...
  7. Carnarias

    Carnarias Grow List

    NEPENTHES : N.Ampullaria green N.Ampullaria red BE-106 N.Bicalcarata green N.Bicalcarata red Flush N.Boschiana N.Ephippiata N.Fusca N.Galabrata N.Globosa #1 N.Globosa #2 N.Globosa #3 N.Globosa #4 N.Globosa #5 N.Globosa #6 N.Globosa #7 N.Gymnamphora N.Rafflesiana gigantea BE-88...
  8. P

    looking for some harder to find LLs/intermediates

    This list is going to be long because I doubt I find more than 1 or 2 (if that lol), so... PM me if you have available: N. adnata, gracillima, longifolia, macrovulgaris, reinwardtiana (don't care what form) N. benstonei, viellardii, sumatrana, all lowland Philippine species except truncata And...
  9. A

    AlexF grow list

    Here's my list, it has grown very fast recently and will take it's last fast growth in the next months as I receive a shippment from Wistuba. At the moment there are 71 species, plus 27 comming. Would love to post photos, but can't find a way to do so. Adnata Alata Albomarginata Ampularia...
  10. Hans Breuer

    Lazy Moon Festival Afternoon Pics (I)

    ventricosa x pectinata x 'Rebecca Soper' (ventricosa x gracillima). That's how I like my women: dark, plain and hyooooge ventricosa tobaica x rafflesiana thorelii x densiflora Stan & Ollie, aka (x rokko) x stenophylla & bical Red Flush
  11. F

    flytraps2000's growlist

    Hello everyone, here is my grow list.  Little old with some additions missing but pretty accurate. Current 2/05 additions coming soon, couple losses to. Aldrovanda ald1 Japanese form ald2 Australian red form NSW near Mertens Creek above Big Mertens Falls near Mitchel Falls, Kimberley...
  12. N

    Nepenthes species

    I have attempted to create a list of all the known and currently recognised species of Nepenthes.  Of course this list is by no means complete or even exhaustive, but it does give a rough idea of the number of species known.  Please let me know if I have missed any species out, or if you have...
  13. T

    Does anyone own any plants

    Nepenthes adnata Nepenthes anamensis Nepenthes aptera Nepenthes argentii Nepenthes bongso Nepenthes boschiana Nepenthes burbidgeae Nepenthes campanulata Nepenthes copelandii Nepenthes danseri Nepenthes deaniana Nepenthes densiflora Nepenthes distillatoria Nepenthes dubia Nepenthes ephippiata...
  14. Jeremiah Harris

    Jeremiah's growlist

    GrowList 2020 Jeremiah Harris Carnivorous Plant Growlist Colorado Springs CO Jeremiahsplants@comcast.net Aldrovanda A. vesiculosa Brocchinia B. reducta Bybilis B. filifolia “Flowers mauve with pale lemon back”-Boulk area South Peninsular Kimberley W.A. B. liniflora Jeremiah's Cephalotus...
  15. T

    More nep pics!

    Here's more nep pics! N. X Ventrata N. macfarlanei N. gracillima If you need identification, I'll punch myself. That goes for this too. And again with this. And, the king of all Nepenthes, and the entire CP world, in my opinion, N. macrophylla. Hope you like them. Dave
  16. T

    What i bought at california carnivores!

    Well, here's what i bought: Sarracenia flava Drosera: aliciae slakii scorpiodes spathulata venusta capillaris dielsiana Nepenthes: merrilliana gracillima inermis tobaica In all of these, i tried to get the ones with the most plants growing in with it. I found a ton of D. binata with...
  17. T

    Tunasurprise's complete and unabriged growlist.

    Dioneae: muscipula Darlingtonia: californica Pinguicula: moranensis (?) Ultricaria: gibba inflata longifolia Drosera: capensis (typical),capensis (red) regia binata (dichotoma), binata (multifida extrema) pulchella adelae capillaris slakii spathulata scorpiodes dielsiana venusta...
  18. P

    Huge trade offer

    Hi all, Hope your holidays are pleasant ones. I have been very busy re-organizing my greenhouses and have come up with some nice plants for trade. Unfortunately I do not have any photos so you will have to use your cp knowledge to help you out. I am looking for anything not on my grow list...
  19. J

    N. ramispina x macfarlanei

    Hi, this is a plant I got as N. ramispiana / N. gracillima about three years ago. From the shape of the peristome and the shape of the pitcher it was quite clear it can't be a pure N. ramispina. First I thought it was a N. gracillima, but Alastair disagreed on this opinion. By now I'm also...
  20. swords

    Unexpected surprise

    I got up today and saw a white express mail box outside my door. Opening it up, lo' and behold it's part of my "on hold" order from Wistuba! I thought I wasn't getting anything until Spring '04!   I got: N. ampullaria (Tayeve Giant Form) N. dubia N. gracillima N. gymnamphora N. insignis...