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  1. F

    Drosera regia

    Just curious if anyone had any Drosera regia lying around that they would be willing to part with for something. I don't have a whole lot to trade, but I would gladly pay for it! Thanks! - Joel
  2. N

    Looking for u. longifolia

    Does anyone have some extra U. longifolia that they can send me? I don't have anything for trade but will gladly pay for shiping.   Thanks,  Nick Z.
  3. M

    For anyone that ships plants for trade

    I found out about a week ago that the usps will gladly give you the priority mail 'boxes' for free. some p.o.'s have the smaller boxes, and you can even have them sent to you in the mail for nothing. they figure they will get their money when you ship. I thought this would be helpful because I...
  4. L

    A day in the life...

    Well, Since I left the camera charger out there, and a lot of people have been hearing about it because they are requesting pictures, I figured I might share a little slice of paradise. My ranch is in West Texas on a 76-mile long lake. There is also a lot of land with cattle, which I forgot to...
  5. P

    Getting in on the action

    With all this talk of bloomng neps, I'll add mine to the list. My female campanulata is going to bloom within the next week. I too am looking only for pollen from other species and will gladly give you half the seed. Any one interested? You can pm me if you like. Phil
  6. rattler

    Nepenthes gracilis cutting.............

    i have for trade 1 Nepenthes gracilis unrooted cutting. i havent taken it yet but there will be atleast 2 growing points. i believe this is the maroon/purple form. i havent confirmed it yet but it was sold to me as this and has maroon spots on its leaves. i think its just been grown to shaded...
  7. P

    Looking for neps.

    Hello, I`m looking for a Nep especialy intermediate\highland.I`d take seeds or rooted cuttings. I have a good size division of vft 'clumping cultivar',U.livida division,U.microcalyx division, and lots of seeds of D.spatulata #1,and some U.subulata seeds. If none of these interest you I`d gladly...
  8. Odysseus

    Looking for Blackberry and Raspberry seeds

    My wife is interested in growing some Blackberries and Raspberries. I told her I would see if any of my CP friends have some extras or even a Propagated Cutting! I will gladly send SASE! Anyone out there with a couple spare seeds for SASE or a rooted cutting where we could work out a deal...
  9. Odysseus

    Looking for Drosera Seed

    With the begin of the new growing season, I'd like to plant some Droseras. I know that it's not a guarantee that a seed will germinate or even that a seedling will make it through the transplanting. But still, I really only need 5-10 seeds of a plant. If anyone can hook a guy up with 10 seeds...
  10. C

    New to VFTs

    Hello, I'm interested in purchasing a Venus Fly Trap, however, I'm very new to them and I'm not sure about how to care for them. I'm pretty positive that local pet stores don't know how to care for them, and I haven't found any spectacular care sites. I have a few (probably stupid) questions...
  11. E

    Clumping african sundews

    Two of my favorite drosera have started to produce plantlets very close to the base of the rosette crown.  I'm worried that removing these plantlets will set back two very robust and imposing plants (my venusta is nearly 3 1/2 inches wide&#33.  Conversely, I'm worried that leaving them crowded...
  12. T

    Water'in the lil buggers!

    Yea, I just bought a sundew a day or two ago from franks nursery. It came with a little like clear plastic cup over it, and its normal sized. Now I was wondering, should I fill up the tray its sitting on with distilled, like I do for my VFT and Butterwort, or should I just mist the cup with...
  13. Joseph Clemens

    Ping propagation

    Below you will see an image taken this morning (Friday, 7Feb03) of three different Pinguicula. The front row in the little red pots are what I call my "Mother Plants". Behind them are slightly larger (3 inch), green pots containing propagations produced from the "Mother Plants". After the image...
  14. C


    Hello. I am interested in this species. I have found one for sale at an incredibley expensive price: $33.00! Is this plant very rare or something. What type is this plant: tuberous, petiolaris complex, winter growing, etc? Has anyone ever grown this plant? any care tips will be gladly accepted...