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  1. Shadowtski

    Akai Ryu from Flower Scape Cutting

    Today I potted up a baby VFT "Akai Ryu". I bought the parent plant from FlyTrapShop.com. It arrived on May 3rd. It started to send up a flower scape soon after it arrived. I cut the scape and tossed it in some live sphagnum on May 28th. On July 23rd, I saw several growth buds appear. Today it...
  2. Shadowtski

    Shadowtski's Grow List

    Mike's Grow List and Wish List 06/03/2017 Extra 2016 Seed for Trade or Giveaway Byblis liniflora (Limited Quantity) Drosera aliciae (Limited Quantity) Drosera binata "Coromandel NZ" (Small Red T Form) Drosera burmannii "Green" Drosera capensis "Alba" Drosera capensis "Giant" x Self Drosera...
  3. adnedarn

    2 Year Thank You Membership - No Longer Available

    2 Year Thank You Membership Support FlyTrapShop.com and TerraForums.com! and get the benefits listed below (but subject to change at any time if need be. Hasn't been done before except to add features, but just in case.). -Your name in green - No targeted advertising -175 MB (183500800...
  4. adnedarn

    N. khasiana x viking rooted cutting

    Hello! This giveaway is for active members... Lets say at least 11 month member and 40 posts. Also, could not have received more than 3 giveaways in the past 5 months. "Winner" pays shipping which should be like $6 or I'll throw it for free in your box if you pick something up from...
  5. adnedarn

    Venus Flytrap "King Henry"

    Hello! I am offering up a Dionae "King Henry" potted or bare root from my store for the price of shipping (somewhere around $6) OR if you buy something from FlyTrapShop.com I will include it for free. This is a hybrid flytrap of "Big Jaws" x "Big Jaws" and have reported to grow traps larger...
  6. Zath

    LF: Any rosy-hued Mexican Pinguicula

    As the title says. I'm not picky as to species, even if it's a NoID (though known parentage is preferable to satiate my label OCD). Any plant or leaf-pullings that exhibit noticeable pink and/or purplish hues in the leaves will fit the bill. Up for trade are: VFT 'Akai Ryu' (approx. 1.5"...
  7. Zath

    Progress Update for Andrew's Nepenthes Seed Giveaway Last Year

    Figured I'd post this in General, rather than the Nepenthes sub-forum since the giveaway was aimed at amateur growers who had few to no Nepenthes at the time of the giveaway, and who may or may not watch the Nepenthes forums with any regularity. I'd like as many of them to chime in as possible...
  8. adnedarn

    FlyTrapShop.com Sale and updates!

    -> Have you noticed we have VFT "King Henry"? This thing has been reported to have traps larger than 1.75", who wouldn't want that?! ->A few Pinguicula have been updated and added to the site so have a look if you are in need of those ->N. ventricosa has been put on sale $8.99 ->Bare root VFT...
  9. ps3isawesome

    Giveaway, a choice between three Cps

    Time to give back to the community who's been so generous to me Just list your name like always 1 winner will be randomly chosen to choose 1 out of three pre-selected plants from flytrapshop.com. I will pay for shipping and the plant will come directly from flytrapshop.com (thanks sashoke)...
  10. adnedarn

    FlyTrapShop.com moved! Care to review what you've purchased? (raffle) )

    Hello! I have made the move over the past month or so to a new store software. This store allows for reviews of products, so if you've purchased anything from me and feel you could take a moment to leave a review for me, it would be much appriciated! Post here once you have written a review...
  11. Ozzy

    $20 Gift Certificate to Flytrapshop.com (DroseraBug $20)

    You are bidding on an E-gift certificate for $20 to Flytrapshop.com. Starting bid $1 Us only
  12. adnedarn

    TerraForums 2014 calendars available!

    Hello everyone! The 2014 TerraForums calendars are now available! I will be picking them up tomorrow and will begin being shipped out Saturday! When you buy one calendar it will be shipped USPS first class mail. Buy more than one calendar (ANY YEAR!) and they will be shipped using USPS...
  13. adnedarn

    FlyTrapShop.com inventory updated

    Hello everyone! Last Saturday I announced via PM to all the ThankYou members that the stock at www.FlyTrapShop.com had been updated! A few things sold out, but other things still remain. Sarracenia as well as Pinguicula were both updated so take a look and see if there is anything you need...
  14. Ozzy

    Any Item From Flytrapshop.com (flytraplady5 $12)

    The winner of this auction will be able to choose any single item from Flytrapshop.com. At the close of this auction the winner can choose any item from the flytrapshop.com website. You will then send me the link to the item you choose and I'll purchase it and have it sent to you. I'll even pay...
  15. H

    }{@z3's Grow Lab

    hey y'all finally got around to setting up a thread and sending out some pics. Sorry the quality is that great only working with the camera on a phone. one day i will have a good camera but for now.... ENJOY!!! this is the shelf once i get more lights it will be alot brighter. will add...
  16. Dexenthes

    N. ventricosa, Alaskan windowsill Nepenthes: A Testamant to Endurance.

    This is the healthy and awesome Nepenthes ventricosa on the day that I received it from flytrapshop.com on May 30th, 2009. By December 2009, it was unable to adapt well enough to my rugged, cold and dim Alaskan window sill. The mites sink in.. I thought it might be the end. But it did...
  17. jerrysmith

    Hi from Bloomingdale, NJ

    Hi all I found this site via a Google search for culture info on Mexican Pings. But as it turns out, my one and only Mexican Ping was purchased from FlyTrapShop.com this summer-so I should have known about this forum before now. I have a P. moctezumae. I also have a few pots of VFT, about 5...
  18. adnedarn

    Calendars and ThankYou memberships now available!!

    Hello everyone, and thanks for your help, efforts and patients as we worked on these calendars. We ran into snags along the way (including having to have the WHOLE order reprinted!) but they're finally in my hands and ready to go. I must say for our first year they're pretty dang nice, future...
  19. Dexenthes

    Dexenthes' Nepenthes

    I figure I might as well just create an all encompassing Nepenthes pic thread for myself, I'll update it accordingly. First... Here's my N. bicalcarata. It was very grumpy for roughly 6-7 months because I wasn't keeping humidity and night time temps high enough. So it's just finally making...
  20. adnedarn

    Venus flytrap bare root sale!

    I've had a few people from the forums PM me about the sale in my store that never saw my post in the flytrapshop.com forum... So I'm posting here in case you have missed it. I'm having an individual plant sale, as well as a bulk sale ($.95 each) so check them out! Pics included in the main...