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TerraForums 2014 calendars available!


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Hello everyone! The 2014 TerraForums calendars are now available! I will be picking them up tomorrow and will begin being shipped out Saturday! When you buy one calendar it will be shipped USPS first class mail. Buy more than one calendar (ANY YEAR!) and they will be shipped using USPS priority mail. Plenty of time to get these before the holidays this year. =)

Also!! All past year calendars are on sale when you buy a 2014 calendar for only $5 each, that includes shipping. So if you have missed out on past years now is the time to get them and flip through the beautiful pictures of the past contest winners.


As always, thanks for supporting TerraForums and FlyTrapShop.com!


(A PM will be sent out shortly to get the addresses of the winners so I can get those shipped out soon too.)

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