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  1. H

    LF VFTs

    Hi everyone! I am looking for a couple Venus Fly Traps, just the typical variety. I have one, but it is really small, and looks a little "pathetic" next to my larger sarracenias. I would like to get 2 or 3 of the typical venus fly traps, with traps preferably about 1/2" or larger. I will pay...
  2. Fieldz

    Fieldz, the brazilian ``Carioca´´ guy.

    Hey everyone! I just bought a Venus Fly Trap ( Dionaea Muscipula ) and really loved it . I am 14 years old and live in Rio de Janeiro. I have a 11 meters balcony at my apartment and want to grow my collection so i can learn more about the fascinating carnivorous plants. By the way, heres a...

    white worm starter culture or fruit fly culture

    i would like to trade a white worm starter culture or fruit fly culture for some small dew or other cps:-))
  4. Heli

    HeliLovers grow List :D

    On the hunt for Nepenthes edwardsiana, if you have any for trade please let me know I am always interested in trades, hit me up with an offer I have currently: Fly trap D. "B52" Sarracenia: S. flava S. flava "Coppertop" S. alata x rubra S. leucophylla S. minor S. oreophila ~sg~ S. purpurea S...

    fruit fly cultures

    I have fruit fly cultures for trade or for sale for $5.00 plus shipping
  6. billylh

    anyone with a chinese water dragon?

    On the 4th we bought a juvenile water dragon(about 10 inches with tail) from Petsmart since they were on weekend sale for $19.99. I'm thinking of building a much bigger cage for him/her but am wondering if there is anything special I need to do? I can find alot of information about water...
  7. mmlr38

    Dionaea muscipula 'Coquillage'

    I finally got around to taking some photos of my 'Coquillage' Venus fly trap and I created a page on FlytrapCare for the official cultivar: Dionaea 'Coquillage' Venus fly trap Like the Alien flytrap I recently posted photos of, this is my first growing season with Coquillage and I'm really...
  8. mmlr38

    Dionaea muscipula 'Alien'

    I finally got around to taking some photos of my 'Alien' Venus fly trap and I created a page on FlytrapCare for the official cultivar: Dionaea 'Alien' Venus fly trap This is my first growing season with it and I'm really liking this plant. The traps are much larger than I thought they'd be...
  9. Wolfn

    Temperature range for Drosera capensis

    Greetings. I'm struggling with Drosera capensis. I have an indoor terrarium with grow lights and temperatures during the day hit about 90 degrees Faherheight (spelled correctly?) I tried Drosera capensis 'narrow' but the plant rotted away. I did some research online and I read that 'Narrow'...
  10. D_muscipula

    Kids book featuring a vft with interesting text.

    I found a kids project book the size of a cd disk at a rummage sale. The last project in the book is growing carnivorous plants. Here is what the book says word for word. Insect-eating plants are fascinating to watch--- and you won't need a flyswatter in the house! Ask for these plants are a...
  11. P

    Help what is this? fly pooh or something else?

    Black dots that are not insects, they don't move and I can scrape them off someone mentioned this could be fly pooh is that correct. <a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=qy9sgg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i56.tinypic.com/qy9sgg.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a> <a...
  12. CreatureTom

    The spider that decided to use my VFT as an assualt course...

    It seems as if somehow this spider has dealt with fly traps before... In the end it it made camp in my Ventrata... Spider 1, CP 0
  13. N

    VFT Growing odd?

    :help: So I have a VFT in my terrarium (only for summer dont worry) and before it was growing maybe 1.5 inch stems with nice sized heads, Then for some reason it is growing long stems with small heads. Can someone tell me why? It did just start growing a flower which i cut at 1cm long. Also...
  14. Brie

    Pics of an Orchid Mantis that I raised from a nymph

    I had this lady for quite a while, until she ended her natural life cycle, which was a very sad day for me. This thing was super spoiled, as I'd had them in the past with little luck, so I was determined to do things right this time around. I bought bluebottle fly pupae, hatched them...
  15. CreatureTom

    Windowsill Success

    Just thought I'd post a couple of pictures of my venus fly trap 'standard form' that seems to be doing pretty well on my windowsill :D Not much... but im fairly proud ^^ ---------- Post added at 02:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:09 PM ---------- For some reason the pictures...