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  1. S

    Common Organisms as Biomarkers and Bioindicators

    We are researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, working on a project related to "biosensing", "biomarkers" and "bioindicators". We want to know how plants, animals and other organisms can be used to monitor the environment or tell us something about our ecosystem. In the name of science and...
  2. blokeman

    Plain English CP Encyclopedia

    i would like to start by saying i found this on www.thegardenhelper.com . this is not my work, it is that of the person who posted this on the site mentionned above. I thought it is EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE and makes defining easy by using plain old english, and not technical terms! Please, ENJOY...
  3. Ozzy

    Job opportunity in GA

    OH god I wish I could have this job. NEWS RELEASE The Center for North American Herpetology Lawrence, Kansas http://www.cnah.org 30 July 2008 EASTERN INDIGO SNAKE POSITION Job Title: Director of Land Management Job Type: Full-time permanent position Opportunity location: Southeastern Georgia...
  4. *Barracuda_45*

    Yearly Wolf Spider Count.

    Every yr my daughters and i do a Burrowing Wolf spider count and check up to see how many we have on the property males/females, what color they are, how many females make it to raise young and how many actualy make it to the end of fall. We do these counts 3 times a yr, once at the end of April...
  5. B

    CP removal in Albion (California)

    Hello folks, I have some news that may be of interest to many here. This is a long posting, so for the attention-deficit crowd, here are the main points: <li>The historic Albion, California bog is a globally important place;</li> <li>CPers have been introducing plants against the wishes of...
  6. Est

    Local Treasures

    Today I decided to take a quick trip to one of my "local treasures." Sure that sounds really cheesy, but every area has a few things that are pretty darn cool, that most non-locals don't know about. This post's focus is on the Cement Ship. I hope to get around in the coming weeks and share...
  7. Ozzy

    Carnivorous Plants Savage Garden

  8. rattler

    further proof biologists should take geology classes

    i find this story VERY interesting being a student of geology......note what i put in bold and underlined.....it says the ecosystem has been intact since between 250 and 500 million years ago......anyone have any clue what Antarctica looked like even 150 million years ago? it was about twice its...
  9. Ozzy

    Federally Listed Endangered Habitat

    I was just watching a story on the news about students at a local college (UNCW) protesting the destruction of 15 acres of longleaf pine forest to build new dorms. It got me thinking, if there is only 1/2 to 1% of wetland habitat left, why is it not listed as endangered? Before a plant or...
  10. throckmoron

    Leaky Tank - Help!

    My tank just started leaking from one of the seams in a pretty small area. It has a very complex ecosystem set up in it which will be painful to move. Just wondering if anyone has a way to safely (for the critters) patch a leak inside a tank while it's full. Marine epoxy putty? Anything? Please...
  11. 7santiago

    utricualaria, ny native.

    I recently made a nice large pond and in order to get that bacteria sludge ecosystem thingy going I went to miller pond in merrick, I collected a bucket of pond water and then when i was going to collect native plants. I started with duckweed and then a few strands of cabomba caroliniana. There...
  12. Ozzy

    Biologist finds trove of sponges

    CP's have been found everywhere on Earth except Antarctica and the oceans. Since the oceans have barely even been explored, could there be cp's somewhere in the ocean? Could this article be proof. http://www.juneauempire.com/stories/100305/loc_20051003009.shtml
  13. I

    Malathion for scale

    Can I use malathion safely on neps? I'm asking about the neps, I know the risks to me. I think I've used it on sarracenia and orchids, but don't remember ever spraying anything to my neps in the last 6 years. Some ants appered on my terrarium some days ago and you know what that means ... some...
  14. Ozzy

    Francis marion national forest

    These are the stories I love to post. http://nature.org/wherewe....49.html Thank God for the TNC.
  15. Ozzy

    The Conservation Tide May be Turning

    I found this article and it shows alot of promise of the goverment working with conservation groups. In case you don't know Baldwin County Alabama has many very important cp sites. Mobile Register
  16. M

    Centipedes in my terrarium

    Hello, It's been a month since I've had a terrarium - an aquarium with a ping, drosera and nep, in a mix of 70% sphagnum peat moss and 30% gross sand, growing in their pots. I changed pots after I bought them, I keep most of the previous soil not to harm the roots, and added spagnum + sand...
  17. T

    Pinguicula grandiflora ssp. grandiflora

    I had to hike some 2 miles out of the woods with some mighty chunks of tuffa rock.  As it turns out, I only needed a fraction of what I brought out. The plant in the photo was a hibernacula in the fridge 3 weeks ago.  The growth rate is amazing in this species, and the flowering seems prolific...
  18. M

    Drosera terrarium

    Hello new to the forum.. I have started a terrarium and would like to know which Drosera you would recommend for terrariums and how do i stop mold, and algae from attacking them...maybe it is too moist? And......(thought I was done eh?) the annoying non vascular sphagnum moss plantlets that...