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  1. italo.america

    Growing Medium

    Ciao Everyone, I'm using a new growing medium of 50% Peat Moss,25% Perlite, 13% Silica sand and 12% Charcoal. Please let me know what you think. This is my grow list if anybody wants to trade and thank you in advance for any useful information! Giovanni VFT: Typical, Royal Red, Big Mouth...
  2. bucky78

    VFTs for Neps?

    After some debate with myself, I have decided to see if anyone would be interested in trading some Nepenthes for some of my Venus Flytraps. I have quite a few VFTs and am looking for any Nepenthes that aren't on my growlist. Please PM or email me if interested and I will tell you how many are...
  3. Benyamin

    Hey all

    Hello, Just saying hi. I've been into growing CPs for about 2 years. I've visited these forums a few times, thought I'd register. I can be found on CPUK and Carnivora forums (Dutch carnivorous plant forums). Regards :-P
  4. jack

    jrl1265 growlist

    Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia californica Dionaea muscipula 'Akai Ryu' 'Big Mouth' "Burbanks Best" "Dentata" "Dutch" Drosera capensis "red form" hamiltonii intermedia"tropical"...
  5. solfami

    solfami's grow list

    Here is my list..... ARRACENIA: Alata var. 'double flower' Alata black tube pubescent, Desoto, W Mike King A28 Alata x ???? 'Dixie Lace' Farnahmii Flava var. all red Flava var. ornata Leucophylla 'alba' Mike King L09 Leucophylla stocky white top Mike King L02 Leucophylla Schnell's Ghost...
  6. -=Joel=-

    Joels Growlist

    Drosophyllum Drosophyllum Lusitanicum - Ubrique, Spain Nepenthes (Rokko x Veitchii) x Veitchii Alata Marston Exotics Argentii Aristolochioides G.Kerinci Area Aristolochioides Bical Boschiana Gunung Sakumbang, Kalimantan, Indonesia Burbidgeae Burkei Chaniana x Vietchii Clipeata x Eymae...
  7. M

    Hi everyone

    Hi, Well another new one on this forum. My name is Marcel van den Broek and i'am 38 years old. I am a departmenthead working for the citycouncil (public works) and i have been growing Cp's for almost 25 years. I'am single (snif), but i do have my app. 160 species of CP! I am the secretary of...
  8. pingman

    Peter's grow list

    want list: looking for different petiolaris group including hybrids! still want pings: colimensis laueana hybrids medusina heterophylla filifolia other Mexican species Here's a partial list of some of my more interesting plants: Tropical (Australian) Drosera: brevicornus aff. brevicornus...
  9. bucky78

    Looking for some Venus Flytraps

    I am looking to add some flytraps to my collection and would love some help. Take a look at my growlist and let me know if you see anything and pm me and maybe we can work something out. Here is what I am looking for: VFTs 1979 B1 B52 Bart Simpson 'Wacky Traps' Big Jaws Jaws Czech Giant...
  10. G

    gr8oz's GROWLIST

    Gr8oz's Growlist *****Always out-of-date due to new arrivals and ongoing inventory***** * indicates extras available for trade DIONEA MUSCIPULA A2 Akai Ryu All Green * Arching Flat Skinny Leaves B1 B-52 Banded Blood Red Traps Big Jaws x Dente * Big Mouth * Big Vigorous Bohemian Garnet...
  11. rattler

    Bears Eat Monkey in Front of Zoo Visitors

    Bears Eat Monkey in Front of Zoo Visitors May 15 5:12 PM US/Eastern AMSTERDAM, Netherlands Bears killed and ate a monkey in a Dutch zoo in front of horrified visitors, witnesses and the zoo said Monday. In the incident Sunday at the Beekse Bergen Safari Park, several Sloth bears chased the...
  12. S

    Ever seen this trait?

    Notice the "barbed" teeth? And the ruffled mouth edges (reminds me of "Knuckleduster" on BobZ's photo finder). These traits are consistent, too. Not bad for mass-produced Dutch plants, if I may say so myself! Cheers Amori
  13. P

    VFT's available for trade

    Hey everyone, here are my spare divisions for this season, I need to ship these out ASAP, so just give me a PM or Email if you are interested. 30-40- Mixed typicals 3- Burbanks Best 2- Green Dragon 1- Big Jaws x Dente 1- Giant Rosette AKA Red Purple 1- Giant from Best Cps 2- Mixed Giants...
  14. C

    18" Bog Garden

    Basically I created a bog garden inside of a 18" watering tray. It features: -A sloping landscape -2 small "ponds" or water holes -NZ LFS mixed with sand exclusively (which means no peat moss) -2 inches of water -A Bubble Wand beneath the surface to keep the plants, water, and soil aerated...
  15. nepenthes_ak

    Expaniding my Sarr Collection

    I splurged about 50 dollars at cooks (not including the S&H) :-D getting several plants flava mixed varieties Alata 'Maroon Throat' psittacina typical leucophylla typical And a VFT Dutch Cultavator I am also getting A S. Minor and some Utrics. but not from cooks... Cant wait! and some...
  16. F

    flytraps2000's growlist

    Hello everyone, here is my grow list.  Little old with some additions missing but pretty accurate. Current 2/05 additions coming soon, couple losses to. Aldrovanda ald1 Japanese form ald2 Australian red form NSW near Mertens Creek above Big Mertens Falls near Mitchel Falls, Kimberley...
  17. Firerock

    Firerock's growlist

    Firerock’s growlist Not all plants are for trade. Dionaea muscipula (venus flytrap) B52 Big Mouth Bohemian Garnet Bristle Tooth Crested Petioles Crimson Sawtooth Czech Giant DC XL Dentate Dutch Jaws Justina Davis Long Red Fingers Low Giant Maroon Monster Red Dragon Red Piranha Royal red...
  18. S

    Another "dutch" nepenthes

    Hello everyone I bought another Nepenthes at the city mall today. Any help identifying this hybrid would be nice since I have almost no clue whatsoever as to what its parentage is (I can take a guess at either parent). Sorry for the blurry pics, I used a camera I'm not used to. The pitchers...
  19. S

    Scupbucket's wicked hi-fi growlist

    <span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>GROW LIST</span> LAST UPDATED: 3/4/06 The following plants were greatly affected by the tragic events that occurred in Derby, New York on January 11th 2006. <span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>Dionaea...
  20. C

    Small but i like it

    Want List: Vft's: Any large variety of vfts. Such as big mouth or dingley Giant Nepethes: Any Nepethes besides any I have. Cephs: typical Vft's: 4 big mouth/typical clones 3 typical 2 green dragon 2 red dragon 2 dentate 1 dutch Sarrecenia: 2 S.purpurea Nepethes: N. ventrata N.coccenia...