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Yellow powdery death?

My nepenthes have done rather well for several years, I don't see pitchers very often but I get a ton of growth, and I root cuttings with ease.
That's until I noticed my leafs were starting to yellow, get powdery, and the growing points were starting to die off.
I cut back all of them, held off on water, and the larger ones are Okay but not good.
The smaller ones seem to be on death row. What's probably wrong with my plants?
Is my use of 100PPM water finally getting the best of me? Is it powdery mildew?
My drosera are doing great and thus I'm thinking my water is fine since I do a lot of flushing.
I'd greatly appreciate your input since some of my plants are 5-6 years old now and my waiting for it to go away hasn't paid off.
Treat using Safer fungicide. the powdery stuff is likely the fruiting bodies of a fungus
Thanks for the information!
I'll order it asap and ensure I don't over water.