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yayay, finally Heli success!

Well, I've had this guy (Heliamphora heterodoxa) for a months now and nothing happened. As expected since it was sitting on a windowsill.

I finally decided to build a terrarium and it's only the third day and I noticed just now there is new growth!! I sorta screeched and started jumping with joy. Just couldn't believe it!!! :banana2:

I'm going to assume the Heli likes its new home. I thought it was a good price, 30 some dollars


Nice, it must be happy.
Congratulations! :clap:
Helis are slow growers. A perfectly healthy plant may sometimes take a month and a half or more between opening a pitcher and the next bud even showing. Other times, new growth is constantly visible and just takes forever.....
it's kinda crazy, only four days and the new growth point is already much bigger. I wonder if it's partially because I bought this one from XXXXXXX at their store. I've heard people say buying from reputable sellers can reduce the transitional shock to the plant's new home. I didn't want my Heli shipped so I drove there.

either way, I am happy ^_^

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I have really enjoyed watching it grow every day. It's kinda amazing that it went from a tiny tiny leaf to this. I'm super excited about it opening it up.

A side view to see the swelling of the pitcher

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Looking good!
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FINALLY, a fully developed pitcher. I am super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully a new growth will come up soon

Couldn't have done this without everyone who's given me tips, feedbacks, and share their experiences. Thanks!!!