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yay my first mirabilis var echinostoma pitcher

me and this guy have been locked into battle since I first potted it. Very fickle plant indeed but it seems to be coming around to my way of seeing things....not sure if it is finished making this pitcher or not but so far it is nice. didn't expect the lid to be speckled or have hairs on it so bonus.....

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very nice, glad to hear you two worked out your differences
im happy bc now i can fertilize the plant much more effectively since it has a pitcher to feed :-D
looks like it wasn't quite finished so below is a slightly updated pic:

looks to have some promise, been looking for this one for a while now lol Cant wait to see if the next one it gives you will be bigger :)
hey thx...it has a new leaf with one on there and I am speculating it will be more sizeable.