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WTTF sarracenia and LL nepenthes have a few to trade

I am looking for the following sarracenia:

S. Atlanta botanical gardens hybrid

S. X evandine

S. X Mardi Gras

S. X judith hindle

S. leuco 'titan'

S. X scarlet belle

S. oreo sand mountain var ornata

I might be interested in LL nepenthes but mainly seeking sarracenia, doesn't hurt to try

N. Andrewensis:



N. smilesii.....over 2 feet with at least one other vine growing....can make divisions and cuttings from:


S. flava rubricorpora hasn't finished coloring up pitchers are 13 inches tall.

will also consider ll neps......and a p. montezuma
bump.....the sarracenia is no longer available. no longer seeking s. scarlette belle or s. flava rugelli thomasville.
bump....smilesii no longer available. no longer seeking judith hindle
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no more left to trade atm....thx for looking