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I have a few lowland neps that have basals and vines to cut and was hoping to expand my collection. I am looking for lowland and lowland hybrids the ones I am seeking most are: N. Sumatrana, N. Ampullaria harlequin, N. belli, and N. hookeriana var harlequin

First I have a beautiful hybrid. It is a N. Nigro gracilis x mirabilis but to me basically looks like a dark gracilis. To match the looks it is quite vigorous. I am by no means a veteran grower and in 11 months it has grown nearly 3 feet in height. So you have your choice of cutting or vine here.


Next is a smilesii. This pic is kinda old but it has a vine that can be cut as well and maybe a basal. I will add a better pic but it is really a nice looking lowlander:


Next is a x coccinae. Very nice looking nepenthes and is starting to vine...no basals that I am aware of. Again sorry for the old crappy pic...will get a better one:


lastly is a winged mirabilis x gracilis. It isn't that pretty but just looks neat.....I think if I gave it more light the pitchers might color up but only speculation. very old pic here but you can see the winged tendrils and the speckling. I have a vine and a couple basals here as well. will get better pic.

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