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I purchased this plant from CA carnivores and I liked it bc it had all the traits I was looking for in a veitchii. Pink, spotted, striped and can be grown as a lowlander BUT I believe it can Probably be grown as an intermediate or a highlander.

It looks to have 2 basals but I am looking to trade the larger one. unfortunately due to a heating mishap earlier in the winter pretty much all my plants stopped pitchering but they are just now starting to inflate them so i will use an older photo to demonstrate what the pitcher looks like. also in the older pic there aren't many stripes but i believe as the plant gets bigger/older that it will make more.

I am looking for lowland tolerant nepenthes and possibly sarracenia. Here is a general wishlist but feel free to offer whatever:

for sarracenia i favor the following: jonesii, phil sheridan hybrids(most notably 'fuschia') and jerry addington hybrids, 'avatar' and flava var rugelli thomasville, ga and giant strains.

for nepenthes i am looking for the following: x black dragon(ep), truncata x ovata(ep), tiveyi 'red' or 'red queen'(ep or ca carnivores), mirabilis 'merah' aka 'indonesian red', veitchii x (northiana x veitchii), bical orange x red, N. Viking #19 x (maxima x trusmadiensis), campunalata, hookeriana var harlequin.