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WTT for nice sarracenia

I have a couple 3 inch seedlings to trade..........I have a reptilian rose seedling and a doreen's colossus seedling. I want to trade them for another nice sarracenia to add to my collection. I'm not really up to speed on what sarracenia are what since there are like thousands of cultivars but I am looking to trade for a known cultivar and I am not really picky about what.

What I favor are large and colorful Sarracenia, I'd have to say the flava strain is my favorite as far as shape but there are exceptions. Here is a chance to score some potentially expensive cultivars for pennies on the dollar if you are willing to wait a year or 2 to enjoy them.

would also consider LL nepenthes basals/cuttings
You know 'Reptilian Rose' and 'Doreens Colossus' can only be propagated by divisions right? So, are these seeds from a RR and DC pod? You mind posting pics? I have some flava seedlings.
they were little 'nuggets' that I detached from the main rhyzome.....about the size of a ball bearing maybe. Flava var typical are like solid green with a few veins in them?

just pruned them and it is dark so not the best pics. RR on the left and DC on the right:


here is a pic of pruned pitchers. DC on the left and RR on the right. Sorry I do not have anything more definitive on the RR atm.

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Well, I do have some flava var flava but I also have some more interesting flavas. What type of flava are you looking for and what size? I already have a DC but would be interested in the RR. Pics would really help me gauge what to offer.
size......idk seedling size......kinda hard to see but the rr seedling/division is in the pic above. ill have to measure it but off hand 3-4 inch leaves maybe.

far as my wish list........ 'white knight', 'red viper', minor okee giant, 'flies demise', also I hear there is a giant clone of flava rugelli that originates from a GA bog, maybe kilimanjaro........anything that get large and colorful or I guess it can be kinda plain as long as it gets really big. exception would be mitch x wilsii since it is black and red :)
I have an option or two for you. PMing now.