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WTT D. ultramafica

I have an d. ultramafica I would like to trade for a non-temperate sundew but it can't be a tall growing sundew though since I have a 10 gallon terrarium.

I would really like an oblanceolata but am open to other offers. I wouldn't mind a nice slackii or prolifera tho.

Do you have seeds for that? In any case I have some D. burmanii and D. sessilifolia seeds if you would like to try growing those?
Are you sure that is D. ultramafica and not the D. ultramafica × spatulata hybrid that is being sold and traded as D. ultramafica?

If it is easy to grow and lacks the red stipules around the growth point and semi-erect leaf growth (like D. spatulata 'Tamlin' or D. venusta) then it is most likely the hybrid. If the plant originated from the tissue culture sources in Eastern Europe it is most likely the hybrid.

no seeds im afraid......this is a clone and I got it from gemstatec from on here is about all I can tell you about it. i know gemstatec had the first mature d. oblanceolata i had ever seen so i would like to think its what he said it was. far as difficulty to grow......it is kinda picky about that moss/moisture/humidity......i tried moving the original from the lfs to a peat/sand/perlite mix and it keeled over right quick.
here is a side shot of the same plant which makes the semi-erect growth you talked about more prevalent......so I am definitely inclined to believe this is the genuine articlewhich once it gets a little older should remove any doubt i hope.