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Working on my fish tank

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Well a few months ago the fish i had got sick and died. well since i wasnt sure hat of his tank wasnt infected. I went and got a new tank, im currently cycling it, but without any way to seed the tank its taking a long time. But as it gets done cycling and i get a new inhabitant in it, i will post pictures
you can speed up the cycling progress by warming up the water, as well as adding a source waste (fish food) into the tank. adding live plants will speed up the process as well.
I would also buy an Ammonia / Nitrite / Nitrate kit to monitor the cycle.
I know it's a bit late to be replying, but I do have an ammonia source as well as a master test kit. My tank has been super slow to cycle but I didn't have any option of seeding material, but in the past week nitrItes showed up.:boogie:
for the old tank...just fill it with water and add 1 qt of 3% hydrogen peroxide per 10 gallons of tank and let set for 24-48 hrs. remove about half of that water and add fresh, you can rest assured the tank is sterile. seed fish can be added immediately.
You should also have seed fish in the new tank or....get a dirty filter from a friend and add that to your tank for a starter colony of bacteria. But, you need to add fishes to feed those new bacteria or they will die and foul the tank.
Ampullaria snails are also a very good "seed fish" as they carry many needed bacteria in their gut and feces....feed them par boiled lettce sparingly.