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working hard trying to keep it alive??

Good morning to all!! I got a vft that is not dead but not growing to good at all? The new traps on them will be black so thought maybe giving it to much humidity so gave it less humidity... got it in the sun on the window sill right now? due to its still to chilly for it here in Ohio.. but its just not working so what am I doing wrong here? I am a newbie but it hurts when you try so hard and then lose it..Hope someone can help me out here?
Don't worry too much about what kind of light it gets. Worry that it gets a lot of light. Put it under some cool fluorescent bulbs for the whole day. Humidity is the least of your worries right now. Also, check the Venus flytrap section of this website. It has all you need to know. Most of my flytrap knowledge actually comes from this site, created by Professor Barry Rice! It's very informative and I'm sure you'll find it useful! ;)
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thank you will check the site out and will give it more light for sure!
Can you add a picture ?
no can't add a picture but I did put it under some lights last night and will continue to watch it and hope they make it? it seems i have not luck with them but I am not giving in or giving up yet... this site is great people are so helpful here which helps me out a lot. Thank you all for the help...
You're very welcome, and don't worry about being new. After all, each of us once was new! :)
I noticed we need steady warm weather to see our VFTs really take off. Right now seems to be the time I will have a VFT die on me. I think it has to do with the crazy weather we have. I'd put it in a sunny window and forget about the lights. With me less TLC is better :)
Thanks Ohio7 will do that maybe I am trying to hard to save it? need to relax a bit I guess?
Update!! vft is doing much better you all were so right? It needed more light i even seen a trap developing.. so happy!! did not lose it after all many thanks for the help but don't fret will be back sure will need more help along the way...
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Update!! vft is doing much better you all were so right? It needed more light i even seen a trap developing.. so happy!!

You and your plant will both not be happy if it doesn't get a lot of light. I remember that my typical's dreaded Curved-Leaf Syndrome was caused by a lack of light. It's great to hear that your plant's doing better! :-D
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Thank you too for the help I am so interested in the vft I want to get some more of these to try my hand in? Another person is going to share some seeds with me and can't wait to see if I can grow them from seeds too? Have a good day!