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Wisconsin (Or Any Northern State) Growing?


Getting There...
So I officially accepted a position in Madison today.
Moving from St. Louis MO to Madison WI, I was wondering if I should expect any major differences in window sill growing? Any growers up there have any suggestions on what facing windows work best for you up there? I'll also probably invest in a nice grow rack setup after I get some paychecks also.

Additionally, I'll be a cubicle jockey. Anyone have any suggestions for a what I'd need to grow a nepenthes on my desk? Will some type of desk lamp with a grow light in it work?

Thanks for the help,
I don't know much about much, but I have had alot of luck with south facing windows and have put up "shears" to keep heat down and prevent any scorching of a few of my tenderer plants. Hehe "tenderer"....I think I just made that up!

Also I should mention I use supplemental lighting to maintain duration and intensity for my desired "season" which is mostly summer.
Can't help you on the windowsill growing, but a desk lamp with a 26W CFL (100W equivalent) will be fine for a single Nepenthes. The ones from Home Depot, grocery store etc work just fine.
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Well here in Milwaukee the growing is great. A south window is actually superb in the winter months because the sun sinks nice and low on the horizon. Right now there's a ventricosa sitting in an east window with no supplemental lighting and it's doing great. The window gives an awesome temp drop at night. When it get's grey out i supplement with a 10,000 lumen PL-55 fluorescent light. does the trick, and then some. good luck with the move.
Wisconsin is on the other side of the lake, so we'll be neighbors.
Expect it to get cold WAY sooner, for more months at a time, and snow.. lots of snow.
The light isn't as strong up here, so we can utilize more direct sunlight than most places.
South facing windows are always best.
Great spring time morel hunting in Wisconsin too.. :awesome:
You havent said what kinds of plants you are talking about..
If its VFTs or Sarrs, the two places will be identical: very bad for growing indoors on windowsills, don't do it.

If its something else, like tropical sundews (that dont require dormancy), Nepenthes, or just houseplants,
there should be no difference at all..its not a far enough distance to make a noticeable change in light levels..
and the weather probably isnt much different either, so cloud cover wont be significantly different..

In short..no meaningful difference..

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Thanks Scotty.
Only Neps for the most part, I'll leave my peppers here at my parents place porbably and let them set em outside come spring.