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WIP Drosera/ping breeding pit/general propagation chamber

I have set myself a line in the sand....only 1 10 gallon terrarium allowed inside....course no rules for the gh. :)

Anyway, I wanted it to be cheap and efficient. I did have some humidity issues at first but found a natural solution.....building a bed of living LFS and it works nicely.....pretty soon the LFS will cover the entire terrarium. Lighting is accomplished by a couple cfls but if I need to ramp it up I have a led spotlight too.

Far as what i choose to put in it....general seeds and genetic material. Far as permanent residents I plan for a 2-3 pings and a few non-temperate dews but not many......don't want it overcrowded in there so will probably have to cycle out the capes and the binata at some point. :)

here is a quick pic....will do another when there is more progress to report but environmentals are good believe it or not with no help other than lighting.

Looks promising, CPBobby!

What are the two tupperware dishes for? Also, if you have the space, I recommend at least 4 CFL bulbs. With my tanks I feel like I could still use 6 if I could find a way to fit them in there, but 4 has been working out pretty dang well. What is your LED spotlight like? Is that comparable to two more daylight 1450+ lumen CFLs? If so, then you would have the kind of light levels I have been successful for 10-gallon tanks with.

Keep bringing the pics, stoked to see how this grows!
hey thx. one is a 23w 6400k and one is a 19w 3000k. the led light is 19w 5000k. the dews grow just fine with only the 2 lights the led is for whats in the dishes. one dish is the origin of all the lfs u see in the tank and it has a very small b52 in it. this dish may stick around indefinitely or at least until the lfs culture is complete. the other dish has a neoenthes cutting in it as an experiment and will leave once i find out if it will root that cutting or not.

but i plan on making one side of the terrarium brighter than the other as some plants do better with less intense light.

thanx for the interest and i do have high hopes for it once i get the foundation laid out better.