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Windowsill Growing

This is a N. veitchii 'Bareo Highland' that I recieved in a trade. It has been growing steadily since it arrived in late September; it took no time at all to recover from barerooting and shipping.


This pitcher was about 1" tall when I recieved the plant. It is inflating very nicely.


This pitcher was the most recent one to open before the plant was shipped to me.




An older, faded pitcher:


A tendril that seems to be dropping and beginning to inflate:


Growth tip:


Now for my N. burbidgeae. It's ugly, because it's been burned while sitting outside in partial shade. Now it's on the windowsill, and it seems to be picking up the pace a little.


N. Judith Finn:


N. sanguinea:


N. miranda basal:


N. miranda inflating upper pitcher:


Group shot:


Thanks for looking!

Oh, and one more thing!

Today's conditions:


The humidity is particularly higher this afternoon. :)
Very nice, I'm jealous of your sanguinea x)
I love the veitchii! Nice plants. :)
Great plants. 42% humidity and still looks good.
I am SOOOOOOO jealous of that veitchii I have been wanting one for sometime. If you don't mind me asking what did you trade for it?

Oh almost forgot to ask is your burbidgeae potted in orchid bark and charcol? That is all I can see as far as soil goes from that pic.
Thanks for the comments!

@Capensis: Lol, I would be more jealous of the other Neps than the sanguinea!

@Goofzilla: Thanks! :) Right now it's y favorite plant, because it seems to be a pretty easy one to grow.

@Nightsky: Thank you, too! I just checked the conditions again, and with the window closed, the humidity dipped down to 28%. Recent rains have raised the humidity. :) These Neps seem pretty resilient, as long as they get good lighting.

@ Steven: I traded a good number and variety of cacti for the veitchii. It's gotta be one of the best trades I've done. The burbidge is potted in a mix of bark, charcoal, perlite, and a bit of shagnum, with a top layer of bark and charcoal.
Good looking Neps Jimmy that N. veitchii looks nice I like it's pitchers.
Thanks Bluebird, I like the veitchii too, although I can't really take credit for growing it - I got it not even a month ago! :)
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You're doing an excellent job!
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Great window growing.
I need a large veitchii!
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Thanks for the compliments Jim and Zero. :)
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Hello Fellow TF'ers,

If you would like to see what things look like a week later, and what new surprises have cropped up since this thread, check out my new album here:


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them in this thread. I tried my hand at a new, better camera, and took some decent macros.


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I'm just jealous of anyone with a decent digital camera!
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Your plant looks amazing. I hate how anything I try to grow at my windowsill dies even though it gets enough water, light. :[[[[[