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Why you should not bring pizza to a picnic

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An orchid fancier with a CP problem


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Mafia squirrels.. give em your pizza and you won't get whacked. :p
Now I really want pizza...

At one of the local colleges here the squirrels are infamous and bolder than bold. One threw a Gobbstopper at my brother's head once and another tried to steal my Oreo. I also saw one wait in a trash can and jump out at a lady when she walked up to it.
If that's NYC / LI pizza, I would understand! Anything other than that...

Never seen a tree rat with a pizza craving before.
I say, feed 'em up on pizza for thirty days...and then slaughter. Any meat finished on pizza must be good.
now im pissed that i didnt buy pizza when i was at costco today