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Why won't my Sarracenia germinate?

A few months ago, I bought a packet of sarracenia seeds from a garden-centre. I immediately stratified them in my fridge in a plastic-bag containing a peat-sand mix for four weeks. After that, the bag has been in my room. For part of the day, they are under a lamp where they are 20-25*C, and 15*C at night. They have not germinated after at least a month. Did I do anything wrong?
Other than a few CP species that produce seed to last a long time, most CP seed has a short shelf life. Sarracenia seeds otoh, can remain viable for a long time if stored correctly. However, most available seed isn't stored well & will not be viable.

General seed guideline, your best bet is to purchase from a known reputable source.
As Ron has suggested, Sarracenia seed has storage requirements to remain viable for long, and its almost certain the "garden center" sold you defunct seed (stored too warm for too long, or something like that) Buy seed from the ICPS store if you can, or from a private grower.
OK, thank you so much. Did I do the correct things to germinate it?
OK, thank you so much. Did I do the correct things to germinate it?

If the peat/sand mix was moist, then no, you did everything correctly. 4 weeks of stratification work for all Sarracenia species and hybrids.
OK, thank you. Would sphagnum have been better?
When the seed is fresh and the conditions are right, Sarracenia will germinate and grow in a wide variety of media. Sphagnum, in this case, may have been a good choice, but peat/sand, usually works well, too. I would not have expected better results with an alternative media choice.

If your location were in your profile, we could possibly, even suggest alternative environments, if that were appropriate. Without knowing your location, alternatives, like - keep them outside, with protection from drying winds and hard freezes, those suggestions might or might not, apply.
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I use a mix of 5/6 peat and 1/6 chopped sphagnum for germination medium.
I also like letting the seeds sit ing the fridge for around 5-6 weeks, just to make sure.
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Stratification won't make much of a difference if the seeds were old and improperly stored, as they often are in garden center situations. The seeds are not picky about where they germinate, but just to help keep them from getting overgrown I use peat moss and perlite (I'd use sand if I had it just because of grain size), and most seeds only need 4 weeks stratification, northern forms like the varieties of purple pitcher plant typically 5-6. Oddly, there have been reports of decreased germination of some (like S. leucophylla) if left in the fridge longer, which I theorize may be due to the lack of natural variation they'd see in the wild....