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Whirlpool Dryer part for Evenheat with AutoTempControl

Awhile back, at where else? A garage sale I purchased two two-packs of HP printer ink refill cartridges, and this appliance part. It goes to a Whirlpool model or models in the Kenmore Elite series - or is it Kenmore by Whirlpool?? Whatever. Originally selling as a repair part for upwards of close to $400 or more, and currently available on a couple of webistes in the 2-3 hundred range. I cannot find a buyer on Ebay or CL to save my life. And I can't seem to make myself throw in away. The issue in part seems to be the machine was first made on or about 2005, and perhaps most are out of service. Could not say. But I made back my $ on the cartridges.:)

As I understand it, if you have one of these dryers and all the "innards" are in order, then if you have beeping alarms and/or non functional drying cycles and/or flashing error/warning lights then your problem is either the circuit board, or this control panel. So on the outside chance that it'd fixxya, let me know and its yours for postage.

Here are the pics:


and connection.

Box with part number,

Numbers on part,


Note that the part #'s on the part itself do not match that one the box. Can't say why. But there it is. If you have one of these and want to give it a go, let me know.