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Where would be your ideal CP growing location

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If you were able to pick any where in the US to live based strictly on ease of growing the largest amount of CP species, where would it be?

I am going to be finishing my electrician apprentiship in about a year, and I have decided that I am tired of the Oregon coast. I really enjoy the outdoors and unless you like wearing rain gear alot, it is hard to spend much time outside. I have a lot of requirements for where I want to move my family, but I am just curious where the "ideal" CP home would be.
Probably Kulamauimans location, tropical but in the mountains so my HL Neps, utrics and helis could just be left outside year round and I could just go out and weed, feed and water them when I felt like it. If i win the lottery I'm gonna be Mach's neighbor! :mwahaha:
I have been looking at property on Maui all afternoon :/
What if I exclude Hawaii?
Utah and Colorado seem pretty cool to me. :)
Having come from Boston with its harsh winters and too hot summers, I think I have it almost perfect here in Santa Barbara. The temps are usually 65-75 day and 50-55 night with some dips into the mid 40's and only very occasionally into the 30's. We get about 300 days of sun a year and where I live there is almost always a nice ocean fog that rolls in and lightly dusts everything with condensation every morning and almost nightly. Especially this time of year. It's supposedly 80% RH today and usually is above 60% although there are "sundowner" winds that blow hot air from the desert on some (very infrequent) summer nights that drop the RH to almost 0% and bring temperatures of close to 100 degrees. Otherwise it is almost the perfect place to grow high land nepenthes. Ironically I still have yet o relocate my plants to my porch! :p
Wilmington, North Carolina
New Bern, North Carolina! 161,000 acres of prime CP growing area (Croatan National Forest)
less than 15 minutes away.
I think the low mountainous areas of Georgia would be great for me. My dad and grandmother were both born there and I have visited a few times. Much more scenic than here anyway.
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40 minutes south to Santa Barbara haha. It might take some adapting, but some of the tough rough Neps would do just fine. Maybe even N. Lamii and those types of highland Sp. would be able to grow well during the abnormally cold winter nights.
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SF Bay Area is a very suitable climate for many CPs. It's categorized as a mediterranean climate, and I've found that drosophyllums, cephs, african and pygmy dews, many pings, darlingtonias, and all US-native CPs grow very well outside. If you live close enough to the coast, every morning a dense fog rolls in over the mountains and you get a fairly high RH and cool nights, probably suitable for many HL neps. Similar to the folks in SB, we do occasionally get very hot, dry days as the weather carries in from the Central Valley, but they're rare and all my plants I grow outside are very tolerant of these climates.
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The first plant orbiting Beta Librae I.
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For neps I'd be amazed if there's a place better than the coast between San Francisco and LA (not counting Hawaii). Everywhere else it's either too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.
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My vote goes to Coastal NC, I am particularly fond of the Havelock, Newbern, Beaufort area. Its perfect for lowland nepenthes during the summer and you can grow nearly all temperate CPs outside year round. Intermediate Nepenthes and some highlanders can be grown as windowsill plants because of the naturally high humidity and for those pesky ultrahighlanders you can build a greenhouse or grow rack. Plus compared to California cost of living is very low.
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Hawaii, prefferably on the rainy side of one of the islands at about 1500 meters.

If I had to choose somewhere in the continental US, I'd say northern california or oregon, near the coast.
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Hawaii, prefferably on the rainy side of one of the islands at about 1500 meters.

If I had to choose somewhere in the continental US, I'd say northern california or oregon, near the coast.

wild pigs in your backyard, rooting up everything.....
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As you can see from the responses, it really depends on what 'you' want to grow. In general, the weather extremes rule out most of the central/northern USA. For a LL environment within US - head to lower elevation HI or southern FL. For HL plants - Exo's response is dead on. Since my preference is for HL .... look out PNW :awesome:
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Pacifica, CA
Half Moon Bay, CA
San Francisco, CA--- hands down the best place to grow almost everything except LLs.
i live about 15-20 miles away from each place, but the microclimates there are much favorable in comparison to where i currently live.