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where do you get your trays?

Im looking for some larger more heavy duty trays, i am currently using the plastic lids for disposable cake pans.
ive found some trays used for hydroponics but they are super expensive. Just wondering what everybody is using or any websites to get some cheaper trays.
I got like 1 x 2 foot trays for a dollar something at my local hydroponics store.
In another month or two stores which sell seed starting stuff for gardens will have the Jiffy plastic trays (11" x 21") with or without matching clear lids so people can get their veggies started indoors before the last frost. Other than that it would be the Hydroshop trays, which are very heavy duty but also much pricier as you already know.
I bought a couple of trays the other day at Wallie World labeled as Sterilite cat litter pans. A cheery bluegreenish color and 14 3/8 x 11 14 x 4." Not prefectly square but with good thick walls. You could have them full of plants and not risk having it collapse when you moved it. Like $1.99 each.
If you don't mind going "ghetto," I get mesh flats similar to the ones in the link below (go to bottom of webpage) out of the recycle bin at a local nursery and line them with plastic to use as water trays for my seedling inserts, which I also get free from the pot recycling bin. Works great on a tight budget. :-D

@ DJ57: I use anderson flats for growing out my bonsai, they work great to get a shallow dense root system.
@ Vbkid: I really need to go to your hydro shop
@ swords: I know what you're talking about, i used those over the summer when my plants were outside but the corners got holes on them
@ pearldiver: I think the kitty litter boxes are a little tall for the terrarium

Thank you everyone for your input! Still on the lookout for trays so if anyone finds a really good deal let me know
I get all my supplies from a local greenhouse.....good people....I gave em a few cp's and am welcome to anything I need there.