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When/Where to cut Nepenthes, and tips for propagating cuttings?

So, I was taking a look at my Nepenthes the other day (sold as alata but from what I can gather is probably a ventrata) and I was noticing that there were a ton of small pitchers being formed in the pot that were being crushed and twisted by already existing growth. I'm thinking of just trimming the plant back at some point and giving some of the cuttings to my friends, but I'm not so sure how to propegate the cuttings or were to even cut.

I'm thinking that I would need to cut at the node and make sure my cutting at least has a few leafs on it, and then I would cut a little V at the bottom of the stem to help stimulate root growth in the new cutting right? Is this something I can do more or less whenever I feel like it or is there a specific season in which I should do this? Or, is it not even worth trimming my plant and I should leave it alone? I'm still new to all of this so take it easy on me, I'm learning and I find that I learn better by getting advice more than I do from just reading a general article (shrug) Thanks in advance.
Thank you so much for that. Incredibly helpful.
Wow!! that is a great article thanks for sharing it with us? I wanted to know how to get a start of one myself.. its so easy I think I can do it? Newbie here too!