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??? When To Transplant Pygmy Dews ???


Formerly known as Pineapple
Here they are...


Why can't the grow in the same pot? I foolishly didn't add sand to the top portion of the mix, so algae/mold keeps growing and is overtaking them. They're in my greenhouse with natural sunlight and good air flow. So when can I repot them without setting them back in growth? They are about 3 weeks old, sown 4 weeks ago. I don't want to smash them or rip their root systems. When is the soonest time I can do it safely?
i just wouldnt . it is too risky, though it can be done, use a toothpick gently disturb the soil close to the crown, then lift the whole mass with tweezers trying to keep as much of the root clump intact, then repot in the new media you can maniuplate the new setting very gently by using thr toothpick insted of your fingers, very very gently tuck in the main root then push the plantlett into its new hole firming the soil with the t,pick.
id gohead and do it now.
you can add sand with a plastic spoon, about half full simply tap at the spoon while moving all about the pot its pretty easy to get it right up to the crowns with a little patients.
I wouldn't risk transplanting them, just maybe keep the soil drier since it's pure peat, and as they get bigger, add some sand to the surface and maybe get it into the soil a bit. If you really want to get them inot a different pot, take a spoon and use it to cut the soil around the plantlets, and then slide the soil columns out and set them into the new pot.
Guess I won't repot then until they outgrow their pots (3" circular pots with 20 pygmies in them)... I am really OCD about pots so I will eventually transplant into larger square pots. I'll just cut the pots and slice the medium about 1" below the surface with something flat and thin.

When they get bigger, I'll sprinkle sand over the medium to reduce algae. Thanks guys!
When I was actively growing these plants I never had any trouble transplanting them up to about that stage. Go much longer and there is a great deal of potential to damage the main root of the plant. Even now though that "tap root" is well established and goes fairly deep into the soil, by the time they are mature the root will probably extend further than 1 inch into the soil. However I rarely bothered to transplant preferring to grow them in groups.