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whats wrong?

I own a drosera prolifera and it has not put out a new leaf in 2 months the temp is around 75 degrees F and is around 80% humidity and is growing in live sphagnum moss.???
What kind of light?
Pictures would help.
It has morning light about 5 to 6 hours (and sorry i cant take pics my camera broke)
Check out my "d. prolifera frustration" thread. Mine was receiving morning light just like yours (southeastern window) but it always looked like a mess. Moving it to northwestern window did the trick for me. Basically it's in bright shade all day now and receives a few hours of direct light as the sun goes down.
D. prolifera can be a pain. Mine were going crazy just a few months ago, but then slowed down, so I moved them to a new, bigger pot. Now, all of the parent plants are dead, and the plantlets are a mixed bag. Some are barely holding on, while others will slowly make one medium-small leaf, then a really small, deformed leaf. I've found cooler temps and lots of INSECT food helps, for some reason.