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What's wrong with these pings?

Hello folks!
I'm not a big ping collector (mostly neps) so I'm looking to you folks for any advice you might have on why my pings leaves are turning yellow and don't seem to be growing real well. most have been potted for 6 months or less in sphagnum peat and some sand. here are the ones which are acting funny:

P. moraensis one in peat/sand is not doing well at all, all the leaves are standing straight up tightly around the center (but not like a hibernaculum) the other is in peat/pearlite with soem living sphganum ontop and it's looking better than the other but not growing very fast at all and staying the same size pretty much. (5 cm)

P. vulgaris started growing from hibernaculum and then reverted to hibernaculum???

P. vallisnerifolia same as the P. vulgaris.

My, P. agnata "true blue" and P. caerluea and P. primulifolia are all doing just fine so any idea what's wrong with the other 3?

Thanks for any thoughts folks!
P.vulgaris and vallisnerifolia need cool temperatures(especially in the spring) to grow well. They sometimes revert to hibernaculums when the temperatures are too high. These guys can be very tricky to grow if the conditions are not right. I have not heard of anyone keeping vulgaris in a terrarium under lights with success. Try vulgaris outdoors in cold climates. They do best with a dormancy of 5-6months.
The vallisnerrifolia can be grown with a 3 month dormancy. These are more heat tolerant than the vulgaris.

I can't see what is wrong with the moranensis. Info about the temperature, photoperiod, humidity, growing conditions etc. can help determine the problem.
Thanks CP, hmm, living in MN, perhaps I can do the P. vul & P. val outside?

The Ping, Dew & Utric tank is a tall aquarium laying on it's front so the lights are closer to the plant tops and there is more floorspace for more plants (the access is through the top which is now the front)

Temps are about 80*F during the day and 65-70*F at night

Humidity is at 70-80%

160 watts flourescent lighting

There is usually 1/2" of water in the bottom but I occasionally let it dry to the floor before I refill

About once a month I flush the 3 & 4" pots outside the tank. I only use R/O water and never fertilize cos earlier experiments with that didn't work out on these type of plants.

The other plants appear to be growing just fine and some are in flower almost constantly (flowerers: P. agnata/P. primulifolia/D.spath/U.livida)
Hi Swords,

I know that vulgaris grows in places with cold winters(Alaska, Washington, and other U.S. states). Other growers mention growing this plant in temperatures of 38F at night and 50F during the day in the spring(late spring), and 50F night and 65-85F during the day in the summer.
P.vallisnerrifolia can tolerate warmer temperatures, and should not experience freezing temps. Temperature should not be higher than 75F in the spring and 85F in the summer. Humidity must be high for both plants. A cold frame/terrarium outdoors might work well for these plants.
Vulgaris is native to MI, so you shouldn't have problems growing it outside. After all, it doesn't get much more snowy and cold then the UP of MI
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Darcie @ Mar. 08 2003,8:22)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">After all, it doesn't get much more snowy and cold then the UP of MI
[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Unless you live near the arctic circle of course

LOL @ purplesundew
WOW Purplesundew, it looks serene!
Hey Purplesundew, nice to see other person living near the arctic circle that grow CP's.... Best regards Bjørn in Norway