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What is Your collection?

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My small collection.

Dionaea muscipula

Drosera adelae

Sarracenia purpures ssp. venosa

Pinguicula (suspected to be) primuliflora

I got my first set of pictures up on my website if you want to look. (Just try not to fall out of your chair laughing at my butterwort.
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Dionaea miscipula
Dionaea miscipula 'Akai ryu'

D. rotundifolia
D. obavata
D. adelae
D. binata var T-form
D. pygmea
D. nitildula ssp omissa
D. filiformis var. filiformis
D. capensis var wide leaf
D. capensis var alba
D. capensis var narrow leaf

P. moransis

H. minor

Cephalotus follicularis

S. alata
S. alata 'red/black'
S. flava var mixed
S. flava var ornata
S. flava var cuprea
S. flava var rubricorpora
S. flava var rugelli
S. leucophylla
S. leucophylla 'Tarnok"
S. leucophylla var hotpink
S. minor
S. oreophila
S. purpurea ssp venosa
S. purpurea ssp montana
S. rubra ssp rubra 'long lid'
S. rubra ssp wherrii
S. alabamensis site AL-AL-02
S. alabamensis site AL001
S. x 'Judith Hindle'
S. x 'Dixie Lace'
S. x 'Catsbaei'
S. x wrigleyana
S. x Red leucopylla

D. californica

N. stenophylla
N. fusca (kimbulla)
N. densiflora
N. rajah
N. ramispina
N. fusca (crocker range)
N. eustachya
N. macrophylla
N. wilkei
N. ventricosa (ABG)
N. veillardii
N. burbidgeae
N. muluensis
N. tentaculata
N. fallax
N. spathulata
N. spectabilis
N. macfarlanei (genting)
N. maxima
N. spectabilis
N. clipeata x reinwardtiana
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D muscipulas only:Typical, typical prosrate, green dragon, blood red, red purple/bigmouth, dingley's giant.
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Thanks to Copper, who singlehandedly trippled my plant collection.
TY TY Copper

I now have: (parenthases = number of plants)

VFT Green Dragon (3)
VFT Common (2)
D. Spatulata AWC-1 (2)
D. Capensis "Alba"
D. Adalae
Darlingtonia Californica (2 very tiny seedlings)
Utricularia Livida

From CP2K... Thank you also

D. Capensis "Narrow" seeds planted 7-14-03
D. Capensis "Alba" seeds planted 7-14-03
D. Nidiformis seeds planted 7-14-03

From Slizarus... Thank you also

Sarracenia Judith Hindle

Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful plants
you are all awesome.
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updated 7/19/03

Alata ‘striped’ (medium) x5
Flava ‘rugelli’ (large) x1
Luecophylla ‘chipola’ (large) x1
Minor ‘typical’ (large) x1
Oreophylla ‘typical’ (large) x1
Psittacina ‘giant’ (large) x1
Rubra ‘gulfenis green’ (small) x1
Purpurea ssp. Purpurea (medium) x1

Sarracenia Hybrids:
Unknown seedlings x3
x Catesbai (medium) x1
x Excellens (small) x1
x Rehderi (large) x1

Minor x Heteradoxa (medium) x1

Alata ‘higland red striped’ (large) x1
Fusca ‘typical’ (medium) x1
Ventricosa ‘typical’ (small) x1

Nepenthes Hybrids:
x Ventrata (medium) x1
x Ventrata (small) x1

Darlingtonia Californica:
Cobra Lily (large) x1
Cobra Lily (medium) x1
Cobra Lily (small) x1

Adelae (large) x2
Adelae (small) x1
Adelae (seedling) x3
Capensis ‘typical’ (medium) x1
Spatulata ‘Frazier Island white flower’ (large) x4
Spatulata ‘Frazier Island white flower’ (medium) x6
Spatulata ‘Frazier Island white flower’ (small) x1
Spatulata ‘Frazier Island white flower’ (seedling) x6

Lutea (medium) x1
Primuliflora (large) x1
Primuliflora (seedling) x3

Pinguicula Hybrids:
P. xTina {agnata x zecheri, reversed cross} x1

Dionaea Muscipula:
Venus Flytrap ‘typical’ (large) x2
Venus Flytrap ‘typical’ (medium) x1
Venus Flytrap ‘typical’ (small) x4
Venus Flytrap ‘Akai Ryu’ (large) x2

Dionaea Muscipula Cultivars:
Sawtooth (medium) x1